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I want to edit this template and add a name for a parish that is missing from the list.  How can I do this?  When I hit edit it shows a blank page.  Who can help?

Hi Dcoppin, this page is a category page and list articles that have been added to the Category:Cornwall. If there is a parish missing from the category it because 1) the page has not been created yet or 2) the page has not been added to the category. To learn about starting a new article review Help:How to Create an Article to learn about categories review Categorization. --Steve 22:52, 18 September 2010 (UTC)

Sorry!  problem solved!  When I first followed the instructions for categorization, I neglected to refresh the page and Cardinham was still missing.  After I refreshed my page, it showed up in the correct place and internal link works.  Just part of the learning curve for an old man who is not very computer literate.