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British Columbia, GeoBC. Official search for BC place names. Results include information on Feature Types (example, locality, mountain) Status, Relative Location, Latitude-Longitude, a map with name marked and additional detail. Also information on name origin where available. Search also by Soundlike Search, or search for names near a point or inside an area, or geographic names with recent decisions.

Cartographic collection description and guides, British Columbia Archives. Digitized maps include British Admiralty maps1848-1955, a selection of government maps 1911-1991, pre-emptors series 1911-1969, topographic series 1917-1952, mineral maps, etc.

Early BC Maps from the National Archives of England, 1846-1876 (approximately 258 digitized maps), University of Victoria, British Columbia.

Early BC maps from the Hudson’s Bay Company Archives at the Archives of Manitoba, 1840-1866, University of Victoria, British Columbia.

Victoria's Early History including several maps 1855 on, University of Victoria, British Columbia.

Victoria, British Columbia, Fire Insurance maps, 1885-1916. University of Victoria.

Assorted Maps of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, including Nanaimo and Victoria,1883-2003, viHistory:viMaps  Includes fire insurance maps of Victoria,1885.

Maps - additional resources

British Columbia: A New Historical Atlas by Derek Hayes (Douglas & McIntyre, 2012)
ISBN-10: 1926812573 ISBN-13: 978-1926812571

Historical atlas of Vancouver and the lower Fraser Valley by Derek Hayes (Douglas & McIntyre, 2005).

Historical Map Society of British Columbia, database with descriptions of known maps of British Columbia before 1871.

Gazetteers and Place Names - additional resources

British Columbia Place Names by G. P. V. Akrigg and Helen B. Akrigg (UBC Press, 1997).

The Encyclopedia of Raincoast Place Names by Andrew Scott (Harbour Publishing, 2009).

British Columbia Coast Names by Captain John T. Walbran (Douglas & McIntyre. Originally published 1909; reprint edition, 1971).

See also

Place Names of the Canadian Alps by William L. Putnam, Glen W. Boles, Roger W. Laurilla (Footprint, 1990).

Place Names of the Pacific Northwest Coast by Lynn Middleton (Elldee Publishing Co., 1969).