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Bergen is the second-largest city in Norway, a municipality, and a former county, it is located in the county of Hordaland. It is one of the major port cities in Norway.  Many people who migrated to and from Norway came through the port at Bergen.

Family History Resources[edit | edit source]

CEMETERIES[edit | edit source]

Historic Cemeteries in Bergen Norway

CENSUSES[edit | edit source]

Digitalarkivet, Norway Census 1801 1865 1875 1885 1891(Digitized)1900 1910

1815 Census for Bergen

1875 Census:  ships from Bergen sailing abroad
1714 Census for Bergen

1885 Census for Bergen

1891 Census for Bergen

List of voters for the local election in Bergen, 1904

List of voters for the local election in Bergen, 1906

CHURCH RECORDS[edit | edit source]


Baptised in Nykirken in Bergen 1700-1780

Baptisms with good fathers in Nykirken in Bergen 1669-1676

Baptisms (Illigitimate born) and name of fathers in Nykirken, Bergen

Godfathers listed - Domkirken in Bergen 1719-1780

Baptisms in Bergen, 1668-1815

Baptisms in Korkirken, Bergen 1686-1760

Baptisms in Bergen 1816-1894


Communicants Korskirken, 1689

Communicants Korskirken, 1790

Communicants Korskirken, 1800-1801

Communicants Nykirken, 1790


Confirmations in Domkirken, Bergen 1763-1780

Confirmations in Domkirken, Bergen 1781-1791

Confirmations in Laksevåg Parish, 1892-1903


Marriages in Bergen, 1663-1816

Marriages in Bergen, 1816-1911

Marriage licences in Bergen diocese, 1717-1804


Deaths in Bergen, 1973-1975

Deaths in St. Olav local parish in Bergen, 1927-1980

Deaths in Domkirken local parish in Bergen, 1912-1980

Deaths in Korskirken local parish in Bergen, 1912-1991

Deaths in St. Markus local parish in Bergen, 1921-1961


Burials in Bergen, 1668-1815

Burials in Bergen, 1881-1911

Burials in Bergen, 1816-1886

Bell rings for deceased persons in the church of Maria, 1660-1752

Burials in Maria local parish in Bergen, 1914-1965

CITIZENSHIP[edit | edit source]

Citizenships in Bergen 1600-1751

Citizenships in Bergen 1866-1916

Negotiators in Bergen, 1702

Citizens of Bergen who resides further north - about 1666

COURT RECORDS[edit | edit source]

Legal Procedure, Sentence Protocols

Register:  Dombok for byfogden i Bergen for 1699

Index to the Court Journal for Bergen, 1700

Verdict Protocol for Bergen, 1699

Verdict Protocol for Bergen, 1700

Register of Verdict Protocol for Bergen, 1701

Courtcase Journal for Bergen, 1701

Register of Verdict Protocol for Bergen, 1711

Register of Verdict Protocol for Bergen, 1702

Index:  Courtcase Journal for Bergen, 1703

Index:  Courtcase Journal for Bergen from 1814

Index:  Courtcase Journal for Bergen from 1815

Index:  Courtcase Journal for Bergen from 1813

Index:  Courtcase Journal for Bergen from 1701

Index:  Courtcase Journal for Bergen, 1816

Register:  Court Journal for Bergen, 1810

Index:  Court Journal for Bergen, 1811


Slaves at Bergenshus fort, 1763-1810

Prisoners in Bergen, 1850-1875

Prisoners at "Bergenshus Festning", 1851-1878

Prisoners at the Bridewell in Bergen, 1850-1875 (1838-1885)

Political prisoners in Bergen, 1943-1944

Paupers at the Bridewell in Bergen, 1771-1776

Paupers at Bergens workhouse, 1850-1875

Paupers at Bergens workhouse, 1876-1888


Town-Hall protocol for Bergen, 1592-1594

Kommisjonsprotokoll 1808-1809 i saka mot losane som førde inn den britiske fregatten "Tartar"

Vedlegg til kommisjonsaka 1808-1809 mot losane som førde in den britiske fregatten "Tartar"

Overkriminalrettens dom i saka mot losene som førde inn den britiske frefatten "Tatar"

DEEDS[edit | edit source]

Register of mortgages in Bergen 1681-1691

History - Bergen[edit | edit source]

Bergen - short history

Må historien skrives om

HOSPITALS[edit | edit source]

Patients at Pleiestiftelsen no. 1, 1865-1900

Patients at St. Jørgen, 1687-1822

Patients at St. Jørgen Hospital, 1822-1946

Patients at St. Jørgens Hospital, 1781

Map (Bergen City)[edit | edit source]

 Digitized by Digitalarkivet:  Map of Bergen 1900

Military[edit | edit source]

The Marine Roll, Bergen 1727

Seamans in Bergen 1754-1800

Index of the Military ballot for Bergen ca. 1850-1890

Examination board 1803-1805, Bergen

List of soldiers in Bergen ca. 1860-1890 

Military register of boats 1806


German institutions and addresses in Bergen in the spring of 1945

Casualties from the explosion in Bergen, 20 april 1944

British intelligence on German installations in Bergen

Protocol from 1944 of the Antiquarian commitee in the "Katastrofeutvalg" in Bergen  

Passenger Lists[edit | edit source]

Bergen-New York ships passenger lists 1871-1873 in Norwegian (3608 listings)

Passports issued for travel to America from Bergen 1842-1860 (1123 listings)

Emigrants from Bergen 1874-1930 (110,228 listings)
[edit | edit source]

PAUPERS[edit | edit source]

Paupers in Bergen 1864-1895

Paupers at Enkefattighuset in Bergen 1711-1817

Paupers at Sander Kaas Stiftelse in Bergen 1769-1815

Paupers at St. Catharina fattighus in Bergen 1773-1777

Paupers at Strange Stiftelse in Bergen 1762-1816

Register of paupers in Bergen, 1800

Probate Records[edit | edit source]

Probate registry for Bergen 1675-1852

Clerical Probate Records for Bergen Diocese 1681-1809

Probate acts for Bergen 1782-1796


Census of legal guardians for Bergen 1714

Census of legal guardians for Bergen 1703

Other[edit | edit source]

Railroad workers at Bergensbanen V. 1898-1908

"gesell" (Journeymen) in Bergen 1675-1763

"gesell" (Journeymen) in Bergen 1755-1837

Immigrated apprentices in Bergen 1671-1837

Bergen's mercantile marine 1688

From "rode" to streetname in Bergen 1906-1907

The Real estate register for Bergen 1686-1696

Statistics:  Weddings/baptisms/deaths in Bergen 1735

Driver Licences in Bergen 1927

Portrait photographies from Gamle Bergen Museum

Protocol of mascopis (neighbours) in Svengården in Bergen 1598-1700

Index:  Crew list for Bergen 1790

Report on the German trade office in Bergen, 1718

Schools[edit | edit source]

School for midwives in Bergen from 1862-1919

Bergen Cathedral School 1749-1867

Bergen Cathedral School 1860-1929

Examination at Tank School, Bergen 1874-1883

TAX LISTS[edit | edit source]

Poll tax for Bergen 1675

Poll tax for Bergen 1683

Poll tax for Bergen 1689

Capital assessment for Bergen 1657

Property assessment for Bergen 1645

Fattigskatt i Nykirke sognet 1757

Tax census for Bergen 1713

Tax census for Bergen 1715

Census for military tax (krigsstyr) of 1712 Bergen

Addition to the census list of the military tax (krigsstyr) of 1712 for Bergen

Census of military tax (krigsstyr) for the clericals in Bergen 1715