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Archives[edit | edit source]

Archives of British Honduras
1001 North Buhr Building
200 Hill Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Telephone: (734) 764-8016
Website: Archives of British Honduras

Belize Archives and Records Service
26/28 Unity Blvd
Belmopan City
Telephone: (501) 822-2097/2247/2507
Website; Belize Archives and Records Service
Website #2: Belize Archives and Records Service
Website #3: Belize Archives and Records Service (scroll down)

The Belize Archives and Records Service is an Information Resource Center, which is committed to acquire, preserve, and provide information on our National History.

The Caribbean Memory Project
Website: The Caribbean Memory Project
Website #2: The Caribbean Memory Project

As a long-term archiving and documentary project, The Caribbean Memory Project seeks to help us understand Caribbean history, society and culture in more productive ways. The collection includes a series of different texts: oral histories, photographs and documents of individuals, as well as their affiliation with member organisations (e.g., religious and community groups). These texts function as repositories of knowledge that will not only help to define our identity, but will also provide the kind of awareness that can help ensure the continuity of that identity.
Browse community archives throughout Belize. The following links will go live as archives are added to The Caribbean Memory Project: Belize District, Cayo District, Orange Walk District, Corozal District, Stann Creek District, and Toledo District.

Central American Archives
Center for Research Libraries
6050 S. Kenwood Avenue
Chicago, IL 60637-2804
Telephone: (800) 621-6044/(773) 955-4545
Website: Central American Archives
Website #2: Central American Archives

These archives encompass six million pages of original primary source documents (many of which are unique copies) spanning more than three centuries, from 1519 to 1898. They document Spanish rule in the New World from the founding of the city of Antigua, in Guatemala. The collection documents all aspects of commerce, politics, and development throughout El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and the Yucatan and Chiapas regions of Mexico. Central American Archives is a rich resource for Latin American, Central American, and Spanish studies.

Center for Regional Research of Mesoamerica (CIRMA)
5a. Calle Oriente No. 5
La Antigua, Sacatepéquez
Telephone: (502) 7931-0300
Website: Historical Archive
Website #2: Center for Mesoamerican Research
Website #3: Centro de Investigaciones Regionales de Mesoamérica (CIRMA)

The Historical Archive has as its main purpose to protect part of the country's historical memory through the rescue, organization, conservation and dissemination of documentary archives. The materials come from non-governmental institutions and private collections and are presented in different formats (paper, digital, microfilm, audio and video). These archives, some unique and others little known, enrich the national historical legacy and offer different points of view of Guatemalan society over time. Its collections, some of which are recognized as the nation's cultural heritage, date from the 16th century to the present, with an emphasis on the contemporary period starting in 1944. It currently houses 135 collections made up of more than eight million documents.

Libraries[edit | edit source]

National Library Service of Belize[edit | edit source]

Corozal Town Public Library
1st Street South
Corozal Town
Telephone: (501) 422-3751
Email #2:
Website: Corozal Town Public Library
Website #2: Corozal Town Public Library
Website #3: Corozal Public Library
Website #4: Corozal Town Public Library

Miss Bertie's Hopkins Community Library
Hopkins Village
Telephone: (501) 651-3289
Email #2:
Website: Miss Bertie's Hopkins Community Library
Website #2: Miss Bertie's Hopkins Community Library

Punta Gorda Public Library
Front St
Punta Gorda Town
Telephone: (501) 722-2271
Email #2:
Website: Punta Gorda Public Library
Website #2: Punta Gorda Public Library

Sandy Hunter Public Library
Hospital Crescent St.
Orange Walk Town
Telephone: (501) 302-2167
Website: Sandy Hunter Public Library
Website #2: Sandy Hunter Public Library
Website #3: Sandy Hunter Public Library

Belize Branch Libraries[edit | edit source]

Leo Bradley Library
Princess Margaret Drive
PO Box 287
Belize City
Telephone: (501) 223-4248
Email #2:
Website: Leo Bradley Library
Website #2: Leo Bradley Library
Website #3: Leo Bradley Library

Port Loyola Public Library
Central American Blvd
Belize City
Telephone: (501) 227-3401
Website: Port Loyola Public Library

San Pedro Public Library
Barrier Reef Drive
San Pedro Town
Telephone: (501) 206-2028/206-3564
Email #2:
Email #3:
Website: San Pedro Public Library
Website #2: San Pedro Public Library
Website #3: San Pedro Public Library
Website #4: San Pedro Public Library

Turton Library Center
156 North Front Street
Belize City
(501) 227-3401
Email #2:
Website: Turton Library Center
Website #2: Turton Library Center

Cayo Branch Libraries[edit | edit source]

Belmopan Branch Library
Mot Mot Lane
Telephone: (501) 802-0492
Website: Belmopan Branch Library
Website #2: Belmopan Public Library
Website #3: Belmopan Public Library

Benque Viejo Library
BRC Street
Benque Viejo Del
Telephone: (501) 803-2294
Website: Benque Viejo Library
Website #2: Benque Viejo Public Library
Website #3: Benque Viejo del Carmen Public Library

National Heritage Library
Mountain View Blvd
Belmopan City
Telephone: (501) 822-0397
Website: National Library
Website #2: National Heritage Library (scroll down)
Website #3: National Heritage Library

San Ignacio Public Library
Riverside Street
San Ignacio Town
Telephone: (501) 804-0459
Website: San Ignacio Public Library
Website #2: San Ignacio Public Library
Website #3: San Ignacio Public Library

Santa Elena Branch Library
Carmen St.
San Ignacio
Website: Santa Elena Branch Library
Website #2: Santa Elena Branch Library
Website #3: Santa Elena Public Library

Stann Creek Branch Libraries[edit | edit source]

Allan Arthurs Branch Library
Yam Street
Dangriga Town
Telephone: (501) 502-0208
Website: Allan Arthurs Public Library

Ignacia Cacho Branch Library
21 Srs. of the Holy Family Avenue
Dangriga Town
Telephone: (5010 502-3268
Website: Ignacia Cacho Branch Library
Website #2: Ignacia Cacho Public Library
Website #3: Ignacia Cacho Library

Independence Public Library
Website: Independence Public Library

Belize Branch Libraries, Cayo Branch Libraries, and Stann Creek Branch Libraries are all part of the National Library Service of Belize.

University of Belize Library[edit | edit source]

Central Campus
Hummingbird Avenue
Telephone: (501) 822-1000/822-3680 ext 451
Website: Central Campus
Website #2: Central Campus (scroll down)
Website #3: University of Belize Library

Central Farm Library
Mile 65 George Price Highway
Central Farm
Telephone: (501) 824-3775
Website: Central Farm
Website #2: Central Farm Library (scroll down)

Faculty of Management and Social Science Library
University Drive
West Landivar
P.O. Box 990
Belize City
Telephone: (501) 223-2733
Website: Management & Social Sciences
Website #2: Faculty of Management and Social Science Library (scroll down)

Toledo Campus Library
Jose Maria Nunez St.
Punta Gorda
Telephone: (501) 702-2720
Website: Toledo Center
Website #2: Toledo Campus Library (scroll down)

For a list of libraries in Belize, go to List of libraries in Belize in Wikipedia.

Museums[edit | edit source]

Ambergris Museum
Island Plaza
San Pedro
Ambergris Caye
Telephone: (501) 628-5150
Website: Ambergris Museum

Ambergris Museum's mission is preserve the history of the area, from ancient Maya village through today, a quiet fishing village and tourist town.

Belize Archaeology Museum
Mountain View Boulevard
Telephone: (501) 822-2106
Website: Belize Archaeology Museum

The Belize Archaeology Museum, often referred to as the Belmopan Museum, is a national museum in Belmopan, Belize. It features exhibits of Mayan archaeological discoveries and explores some 3000 years of Mayan history.

Corozal Museum
129 South End
Corozal Town
Telephone: (501) 402-3314
Website: Corozal Museum

Called 'A Window to the Past,' the exhibit at this little museum focuses on the experience of the East Indian population, who arrived around 1838 as indentured servants working on the sugar plantations, but also features traditional items from other ethnic groups.

Goldson House
82 Orange St
Telephone: (501) 822-2613
Website: The Goldson House for Democracy and Patriotism
Website #2: The Goldson House for Democracy and Patriotism

The Goldson House for Democracy and Patriotism was inaugurated in September 2015. Its purpose is to serve as a museum and learning center to highlight and examine the life and contributions of Belizean National Hero, Philip Stanley Wilberforce Goldson.

Gulisi Garifuna Museum
Hummingbird Hwy
Telephone: (501) 542-2700
Website: Gulisi Garifuna Museum
Website #2: Gulisi Garifuna Museum
Website #3: Gulisi Garifuna Museum
Website #4: Gulisi Garifuna Museum

The museum offers a full multimedia experience for the visitor. You will learn the origins of the Garifuna people, their history and customs. You will be able to hear the beating of the drums, see a full sized working garden of traditional plants and herbs, and experience the traditional dancing.

Luba Garifuna Museum
4202 Fern Ln
Belize City
Telephone: (501) 202-4331
Website: Luba Garifuna Museum
Website #2: Luba Garifuna Museum
Website #3: Luba Garifuna Museum

Once you go past the residential gate, you’ll be taken aback by the spacious ground floor display rooms, filled with Garífuna history, cooking utensils, arts and crafts, photographs, books, and traditional clothing.

Maritime Museum
19 Albert St
Swing Bridge Marine Terminal
Belize City
Telephone: (501) 822-2106/223-1395
Website: Maritime Museum
Website #2: Maritime Museum

Along with the adjacent Coastal Zone museum, their mission is to educate visitors about Belize's seafaring and shipbuilding history through a series of old documents, model boats, paintings and other displays. The Coastal Zone museum explores coral reef ecology in Belize.

Museum of Belize
8 Gabourel Lane
Central Bank Compound
5 Eve St
Belize City
Telephone: (501) 822-2106/223-1395/223-4524
Website: Museum of Belize
Website #2: Museum of Belize
Website #3: Museum of Belize

The transformed Museum of Belize provides visitors with a historical roadmap into Belize’s vibrant past while retaining mementos of the building’s former residents.

Old Belize Museum
Western Hwy Mile 5
Belize City
Telephone: (501) 222-4129
Website: Old Belize Museum

Take a walk through Belize’s fascinating and historical culture from the old world of the Maya to the coastal villages of former pirates on the quest for mahogany, to the current blend cultures that have created the mixing pot society of modern Belize. The museum contains several recreated worlds from various highlights of Belize’s history, complete with facades of buildings built to scale and model humans and props situated to make you feel like you are literally walking through Belize’s past.

The Windows Of Belize Museum
#156 North Front Street
Belize City
Telephone: (501) 670-1029/227-3401
Website: The Windows Of Belize Museum

The mission of Windows Of Belize is to encourage students, tourists, and all Belizeans to foster an appreciation of our cultural heritage and learn the ways of the Belizean changing cultural practices and lifestyles.

For a list of museums in Belize, go to List of museums in Belize in Wikipedia.