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The country of Belarus contains lands that were at one time a part of multiple countries, duchies and commonwealths including: The Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Poland, The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Russian Empire, Russia and the Ukraine.

Often the trampled 'play toy' of stronger powers, the Eastern European lands that comprise Belarus were partitioned, divided up and overtaken by stronger countries from 1772 until well after Word War II.

During World War I and World War II, Belarusian lands were crossed by German and Russian armies.

Belarus - Historical Maps[edit | edit source]

Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth 1569

Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth 

Map of Poland XVIII Century (in English)

Partitions of Poland 1772-1795

Belarus (as a part of Russia) 1892

Belarus 1918

Western Belarus 1921-1939

Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic 1940

Belarus during Word War II

Belarus currently

Old maps of Belarus

Gubernias, Governates, Provinces and Voivodeships - Historical Maps**[edit | edit source]

The Map of Belarus Establishing - Timeline of the establishment of the current country of Belarus including maps showing border changes.

Grodno 1821

Kovno 1876 - Hard to read

Lithuanian Governates 1867-1914

Minsk 1821

Mogilev 1821

Novogrudok 1821

Vilna Governate 1897

Wilno (Vilna/Vilnius) Voivodeship 1928

Vitebsk Governate 1821

Other Maps[edit | edit source]
  • Geneteka Genetic base of Posnan, Poland, Russia, Belarus, and surrounding areas, lists: Maps with areas numbers of parishes, numbers of registers and number of people listed as members of those parishes.

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