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Finding Historical Civil Records[edit | edit source]

City, Town or Village , Voivodeship/Gubernia and Powiat/Uezd Names are Key[edit | edit source]

Many times discovering where to get civil records from where your ancestors lived, in what is now the counrty of Belarus, will require you to know the name of their city, town or village, the Voivodeship or Gubernia (province) and Uezd or Powiat where their town was or is located. -With the exception of Vilna (Vilnius), Nowogrudok, Bialystok and Polesie, voivodeships were in use only through the late 1700's. Gubernia was the term used to refer to a province from the late 1700's up until the 1920's.

 Voivodeships and Gubernia Names Changed Over the Years[edit | edit source]

Finding the correct voivodeship/Gubierna will likely not be an easy task. These provincial boundaries changed over the years right in step with the ever-changing borders of the countries of Poland, Lithuania, Russia and Belarus.

Maps and Reference Material in Russian, Polish or Belarusian Languages[edit | edit source]

Many times the maps and lists you will be referencing for help with will be written in Russian, Belarusian or Polish. 

Use Google (or other on line) translator to translate your ancestor's town into/from Russian, Polish, Belarusian or Ukranian. Keep the translations handy as you proceed with your research.

What you are looking for are the correct Voivodeship and Uezd or the correct Gubernia, Povet (Powiat) and Gmina.

Cracking the Language of Administrative Districts[edit | edit source]

Voivodeship,Gubernia or Governate = Province

Uezd or Powiat (poviat) = District

Gmina = Larger size town (usually where church was located)

Weis = Village

Helpful Links[edit | edit source]

These links may help you gain a better understanding of voivodeships, poviats, gubernia, uezds and gminas.

History of Administrative Districts of Belarus 

Major Administrative Districts of Belarus

Administrative District Details -  Lists of  Gubernia and corresponding uezds

Wiki Belarus Governate-Voivodeship Maps - from

The History of the Administrative-Territorial Division of Belarus  by Nancy Holden on

Eastern Borderlands Places Government Administrative voivodeships

Steve's Genealogy blogs can also provide helpful information and understanding

1870 Historical Administrative Districts of Vilna, Grodno, Minsk and Nowogrudok [edit | edit source]

Gubernia  Vilna  1870   
 Grodno 1870    Nowogrudok 1923  

 Minsk  1870

Powiats: Disna
Baranovichi Bobruysk 
Lida Belsk
Lida Borisov
Oshmiany Brest Nesvizh Igumen
Sventsiany (Zavileisk) Grodno Nowogrudok Minsk


Kobrin Slonim Mozyr
Vileika Pruzhany Stolbtsy Nowogrudok 
Vilno Slonim Wolozyn Pinsk
Sokolka Reshita
Volkovysk Slutsk

For Gmina/Town and Weis/Village information for each Gubernia click Uyzed (sic) Links for:[edit | edit source]



Nowogrudok 1923


1870 Maps of Gubernia[edit | edit source]




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