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Bristol, Rhode Island
Map of Bristol County highlighting Bristol
Location in Bristol County
Map of Rhode Island highlighting Bristol County
Bristol County's location in the state of Rhode Island
Coordinates: 41°41′03″N 71°16′07″E / 41.684167°N 71.268611°E / 41.684167; 71.268611
Founded 1680
Seat Bristol
Address Town Hall
283 County Road
Barrington, RI 02806-2406

Historical Facts[edit | edit source]

Wikipedia has more about this subject: Barrington, Rhode Island
  • Barrington was originally part of Swansea, Massachusetts from its incorporation in 1667, then part of the Plymouth Colony until its merger with the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1691. (In October 1717 Barrington was set off from Swansea and incorporated under its' present name as a town in Bristol County, Massachusetts. In 1747 Barrington was given to Rhode Island.)
  • The Baptist residents petititoned for separation from Swansea in 1711.
  • 1747, Barrington was ceded to Rhode Island but made part of Town of Warren, Rhode Island.
  • 1770, its independence was restored by the act of the Rhode Island legislature.
  • In late 19th and early 20th century Barrington was home of the Barrington Brick works, which made bricks that were used worldwide. Many of laborers were from Italy and worked in the brickyard. Their descendants still make up a sizeable portion of the town population.

Resources[edit | edit source]

Modern town borders of Barrington in Bristol County, Rhode Island.

Biographies[edit | edit source]

Cemeteries[edit | edit source]

  • Rhode Island Graves Registration Committee, Rhode Island town of Barrington historical cemeteries FHL film 947774 Item 4
    Includes list of the historical cemeteries in the town giving the names of the American war veterans buried there; and a historical sketch of the town with a map showing the locations of the cemeteries.

Allin Burial Ground[edit | edit source]

Allin Yard, Rhode Island Historical Cemetery Barrington #6, Bay Spring Avenue at Adams Avenue

Bicknell Burial Ground[edit | edit source]

(Defunct), Rhode Island Historical Cemetery Barrington #9, County Road

Captain David Read Lot[edit | edit source]

Rhode Island Historical Cemetery Barrington #8, Rumstick Road

Forest Chapel[edit | edit source]

Rhode Island Historical Cemetery Barrington #2, Governor Bradford Road

Knockum Hill[edit | edit source]

Burial Hill, Rhode Island Historical Cemetery Barrington #7, New Meadow Road

Matthew Watson[edit | edit source]

Rhode Island Historical Cemetery Barrington #4, Middle Highway

Peck Family[edit | edit source]

(Defunct), Rhode Island Historical Cemetery Barrington #12

Princes Hill Burial Ground[edit | edit source]

Rhode Island Historical Cemetery Barrington #3, County Road

Santa Maria del Campo[edit | edit source]

Rhode Island Historical Cemetery Barrington #5, Barrington Avenue at Upland Way

Smith Family[edit | edit source]

(Defunct), Rhode Island Historical Cemetery Barrington #11

Tyler Point[edit | edit source]

Rhode Island Historical Cemetery Barrington #1, Tyler Point Road

Census[edit | edit source]

  • Federal Census: 1790 · 1800 · 1810 · 1820 · 1830 · 1840 · 1850 · 1860 · 1870 · 1880 · 1900 · 1910 · 1920 · 1930

Centennial Celebrations, etc[edit | edit source]

  • Thomas W. Bicknell, An historical address and poem: delivered at the centennial celebration of incorporation of the town of Barrington, June 17, 1870: with an historical appendix (Providence: Printed by Providence Press Co., 18700 FHL 6071790 (3 fiche)

Databases[edit | edit source]

  • Some databases are accessible at the Barrington Public Library
    • Britannica Online
    • Rhode Island's State Reference Resource (including Heritagequestonline, World Book Online, etc.)

Directories[edit | edit source]

  • Sampson, Murdock & Company (Boston, Massachusetts), Warren and Barrington Directory, 1897: comprising a complete general and business directory of the towns of Warren and Barrington, also, a record of the town governments, institutions, societies, etc. (Providence: Sampson and Murdock, c1897) FHL film 1000918
  • Bristol, Warren and Barrington (Rhode Island) city directories FHL film 2309945

History[edit | edit source]

Gotoarrow-kelly.png Biography
Gotoarrow-kelly.png Centennial Celebrations, etc

Land and Property[edit | edit source]

Land records begins in 1770, continuing to present.

  • Proprietors records in ancient Swansea 1652-1717: proprietors records in Barrington 1717-1797 FHL film 945999
  • Barrington, Rhode Island land evidence records 1770-1936 FHL films
    Grantors and Grantees Index 1770-1936
    Grantors and grantees records 1770-1882
  • Barrington (R.I.) deed records, 1882-1902 FHL films 2321354-2321355

Military History and Records[edit | edit source]

Newspapers[edit | edit source]

  • The Warren Gazette and Barrington Call (1907)
  • Warren and Barrington Gazette (1907)
  • The Bristol County Item (1906)
  • Barrington Times (1958)
    • Barrington Public Library
  • The Barrington Herald (1860)
  • The Gleaner (1871)
    • University of California, Santa Barbara

Probate Records[edit | edit source]

The probate records are kept at the town level rather than at the county level. Various types of records can be buried deep in probate records. In early years, the town council acted as the probate court.

  • Barrington, R.I., town records (incl probate), 1718-1886 FHL films 947773-947774
  • Barrington (R.I.) town council records: vols. 1-4, 1770-1891 FHL films 947771-947772
  • Barrington (R.I.) probate records, 1851-1929 FHL films 2321351-2321354
    Dockets 1895-1923
    Probate records 1851-1873
    Bonds 1874-1922
    Journals 1898-1920
    Wills 1898-1918
    Letters of Administration 1898-1925
    Inventory 1898-1929
    Warrants 1898-1935
    Administrator Accounts 1897-1925
  • Barrington (R.I.) probate indexes, 1770-2002 FHL films 2321135-2321136

Repositories[edit | edit source]

Societies[edit | edit source]

Schools[edit | edit source]

Town Records[edit | edit source]

Vital Records[edit | edit source]

  • Swansea town records 1674-1798; Barrington Rhode Island town records 1741-1846 FHL film 22366 Item 3
  • Barrington, R.I., town records (incl probate), 1718-1886 FHL 947773-947774
    Includes minutes of meetings, lists of voters, finance records and a few births, deaths, intentions of marriage and probate records.
  • Barrington, Bristol, Rhode Island, computer printout; births or christenings, 1851-1876 FHL film 1205472 Item 6
  • Barrington, Bristol, Rhode Island computer printout; marriages, 1636-1885 FHL film 1205473 Item 7

References[edit | edit source]