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There are a variety of Batch numbers on FamilySearch. It is important to determine whether the Batch number is listed on a record in the IGI or on a record found on Record Search. The batch numbers on Record Search relate to the indexing project and are used in the same way as the IGI Batch numbers.

For detailed information about IGI batch numbers see

There is currently no information on the Wiki about batch numbers listed in Record Search Pilot.

The following information was previously in this Wiki article. However, the information only relates to All Digit batch numbers on the IGI and more complete information is found in the article IGI Batch Number Descriptions. Arrow down on the table on that article to the "All Digit" entry.

"Sometimes the source information for IGI records includes a Batch number in addition to the microfilm number. The name and address of the person who submitted the form can be found on the microfilm by searching for the respective Batch. Sometimes the submitter included the source of their information on the form. The steps for finding the right batch number are as follows:

  • Search the microfilm for the Batch number as found on the IGI record. The batch numbers are generally in numerical order on the microfilm.
  • The page number will be numerically filed within the batch. Sometimes the page number appears right after batch number on the form.
  • The name and address of the person who submitted the information will be on the pages in the batch.

Remember that these records are from before 1991 and so the addresses you find may not be current. "