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Records of the Aylsham Poor Law Union[edit | edit source]

Date 1805-1950
Norfolk Record Office reference C/GP 1
Extent 543 pieces

Aylsham Union originally consisted of two earlier incorporations with Houses of Industry at Oulton and Buxton. The Oulton Incorporation was formed in 1792 and according to White's Directory of Norfolk, 1845, consisted of the six parishes of  Banningham, NorfolkBlickling, Norfolk, Colby, NorfolkErpingham, Norfolk ,   Itteringham with Mannington, Norfolk and Oulton, Norfolk. The Buxton Incorporation (consisting of nine parishes) was formed in 1806 under the terms of An Act for the more effectual relief and employment of the poor, in the parishes of  Buxton, NorfolkHevingham, NorfolkMarsham, NorfolkStratton Strawless, NorfolkSwanton Abbot, Norfolk , Burgh next Aylsham Burgh, NorfolkSkeyton, NorfolkBrampton, Norfolk and  Oxnead, Norfolk, 46 Geo. III, cap. XLIV, 1806. After the formation of the Union in April 1836 the two workhouses were altered and enlarged. These were replaced by a new Union Workhouse which was opened in Aylsham in 1849. Aylsham Union Board of Guardians was replaced by Guardians Committee No. 2 in 1930.
Received by the Norfolk Record Office on 29 March 1974 (C/GP 1/516-524), and on an unknown date.

Copies C/GP 1/1-9, 10 (part only), 125-129, 136-175, 218-247, 286-294 and 299, 311-325, 344-359, 362-366, 375-378, 381-383, 385-388, 390-393, 397-409, 492 are available on microfilm.
RelatedMaterial For records of this body (including administration of Aylsham Public Assistance Institution, out-relief and boarding-out of children) see C/GC 2.
Aylsham Poor Law Guardians minutes, 1890-1893, and letter book, 1873-1876, are in Aylsham Muniment Room (please request Alienated MS File, Aylsham Muniment Room Catalogue, 1991 revision, for details).
For valuation lists, 19th century, and Appeal Book, 1863-1895, see AYL 242-243.

Constituent parishes[edit | edit source]

Alby, Norfolk

Aylsham, Norfolk

Banningham, Norfolk

Little Barningham, Norfolk

Belaugh, Norfolk

Blickling, Norfolk

Brampton, Norfolk

Burgh St Mary or Burgh-next-Aylsham Burgh, Norfolk

Buxton, Norfolk

Calthorpe, Norfolk

Cawston, Norfolk

Colby, Norfolk

Coltishall, Norfolk

Corpusty, Norfolk

Erpingham, Norfolk

Foulsham, Norfolk

Guestwick, Norfolk

Hackford with Whitwell, Norfolk or Hackford by Reepham

Great Hautbois, Norfolk or Hautbois Magna

Hevingham, Norfolk

Heydon, Norfolk with Irmingland

Hindolveston, Norfolk

Ingworth, Norfolk

Itteringham with Mannington, Norfolk

Lammas with Little Hautbois, Norfolk

Marsham, Norfolk

Oulton, Norfolk with Irmingland

Oxnead, Norfolk

Reepham with Kerdiston, Norfolk

Salle, Norfolk

Saxthorpe, Norfolk

Scottow, Norfolk

Skeyton, Norfolk

Stratton Strawless, Norfolk

Swanton Abbot, Norfolk

Themelthorpe, Norfolk

Thurning, Norfolk

Thwaite All Saints Thwaite (near Alby), Norfolk

Tuttington, Norfolk

Wickmere with Wolterton, Norfolk

Wood Dalling, Norfolk

Wood Norton, Norfolk

Parishes in their three component districts
Buxton District: Banningham, Belaugh, Brampton, Burgh, Buxton, Coltishall, Great Hautbois, Hevingham, Lammas and Little Hautbois, Marsham, Oxnead, Scottow, Skeyton, Stratton Strawless, Swanton Abbott, Tuttington.
Eynsford District: Cawston, Foulsham, Guestwick, Hackford, Heydon, Hindolveston, Reepham, Salle, Themelthorpe, Thurning, Whitwell, Wood Dalling, Wood Norton.
Oulton District: Alby, Norfolk, Aylsham, Norfolk, Little Barningham, Norfolk, Blickling, Norfolk, Calthorpe, Norfolk, Coleby , Corpusty, Norfolk, Erpingham, Norfolk, Ingworth, Norfolk, Irmingland see Oulton, Norfolk , Itteringham, Mannington see Itteringham with Mannington, Norfolk, Oulton, Norfolk, Saxthorpe, Norfolk, Thwaite see Alby, Norfolk , Wickmere, Wolterton see Wickmere with Wolterton, Norfolk.

Websites[edit | edit source]

For more information on the history of the Aylsham workhouse, see Peter Higginbotham's web site: www.workhouses.org.uk/Aylsham