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Public records of Australia can include coroners’ inquests, police records and gazettes, letters and papers of the Colonial Secretary’s office, records of government employees, records of licenses issued to publicans and merchants, and other public official records.

Records about convicts may also be categorized as public records. Look in the Place Search of the FamilySearch Catalog under:


Goldrush[edit | edit source]

Hospital records contain the names of numerous miners from all over the world. Many were not prepared for the travails of the industry in Australia and fell victim and even hospitalized due to the numerous maladies and issues related to the terrain, and wilds of the outback-type conditions. There is a large Victoria database/index available for consulting (128,000) representing eight area hospitals you can access via the ($) website. A significant number of entries provide some very critical vital details on hospital patients.


Government and police gazettes mention individuals who hold government and public positions. They also contain information about convicts, such as notices of runaways. For more information about government gazettes, see the "Court Records" article of this wiki.