Arkansas Towns and Communities

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Sort the list by county to see its cities and towns or by town names to learn counties. Please add historical spellings and extinct places.[1]

See Arkansas Townships listed below this table.

Name Type County Comments
Twist Unicorporated Cross  
Unicorporated Carroll  
Adona City Perry  
Albion Unicorporated White north-central White County, between Four Mile Hill or "Boothill" and Pangburn, and north of Letona, along Arkansas Highway 16 and surrounding county roads
Alexander City Saline  
Alexander Town Pulaski  
Alicia Town Lawrence  
Allport Town Lonoke  
Alma City Crawford  
Almyra Town Arkansas  
Alpena Town Boone  
Alpena Town Carroll  
Alpine Unicorporated Clark  
Alread Unicorporated Van Buren  
Altheimer City Jefferson  
Altus City Franklin  
Aly Unicorporated Yell  
Amagon Town Jackson  
Amity City Clark  
Andrews Unicorporated White  
Anthonyville Town Crittenden  
Antioch Unicorporated White western White County, north of Beebe, along Arkansas Highways 31 and 267 and surrounding county roads
Antoine Town Pike  
Archey Valley Unicorporated Van Buren  
Arkadelphia City Clark  
Arkansas City Town Desha  
Ash Flat City Fulton  
Ash Flat City Sharp  
Ashdown City Little River  
Atkins City Pope  
Atlanta Unicorporated Columbia  
Aubrey Town Lee  
Augsburg Unicorporated Pope  
Augusta City Woodruff  
Austin City Lonoke  
Austin Unicorporated Van Buren  
Avoca Town Benton  
Bald Knob City White  
Banks Town Bradley  
Bare Stone Unicorporated White  
Barling City Sebastian  
Barrentine Corner Unicorporated White  
Bass Unicorporated Newton  
Bassett Town Mississippi  
Batavia Unicorporated Boone  
Batesville City Independence  
Bauxite[10 Town Saline  
Bay City Craighead  
Bear Creek Springs Unicorporated Boone  
Bearden City Quachita  
Beaver Town Carroll  
Bee Branch Unicorporated Van Buren  
Bee Rock Unicorporated White  
Beebe City White  
Beedeville Town Jackson  
Belcher Unicorporated White  
Bella Vista City Benton  
Bellefonte Town Boone  
Belleville City Yell  
Ben Lomond Town Sevier  
Benton City Saline  
Bentonville City Benton  
Bergman Town Boone  
Berryville City Carroll  
Bethel Heights City Benton  
Big Flat Town Baxter  
Bigelow Town Perry  
Biggers Town Randolph  
Billstown Unicorporated Pike  
Birdsong Town Mississippi  
Bismarck Unicorporated Hot Spring  
Black Oak Town Craighead  
Black Rock City Lawrence  
Black Springs Town Montgomery  
Blackwell Unicorporated Conway  
Blevins City Hempstead  
Blue Eye Town Carroll  
Blue Mountain Town Logan  
Bluff City Town Nevada  
Bluffton Unicorporated Yell  
Blytheville City Mississippi  
Bodcaw Town Nevada  
Bonanza Town Sebastian  
Bono City Craighead  
Booneville City Logan  
Botkinburg Unicorporated Van Buren  
Bowman Unicorporated Craighead  
Bradford City White  
Bradley City Layayette  
Branch City Franklin  
Briarcliff City Baxter  
Brickeys, Arkansas Unicorporated Lee  
Brinkley City Monroe  
Brookland City Craighead  
Brooks Unicorporated Saline  
Bryant City Saline  
Buckner City Layayette  
Buford Unicorporated Baxter  
Bull Shoals City Marion  
Burdette Town Mississippi  
Cabot City Lonoke  
Caddo Gap Unicorporated Montgomery  
Caddo Valley Town Clark  
Caldwell City St. Francis  
Cale Town Nevada  
Calico Rock[11] City Izard  
Calion City Union  
Camden City Quachita  
Cammack Village City Pulaski  
Campbell Station City Jackson  
Canehill Unicorporated Washington  
Capps Unicorporated Boone  
Caraway City Craighead  
Carlisle City Lonoke  
Carolan Unicorporated Logan  
Carrollton Unicorporated Carroll  
Carthage Town Dallas  
Casa Town Perry  
Cash City Craighead  
Caulksville Town Logan  
Cave City City Independence  
Cave City City Sharp  
Cave Springs City Benton  
Cedarville City Crawford  
Center Hill Unicorporated White central White County, approximately 8 miles west of Searcy, situated along Arkansas Highway 36 and 305 and surrounding county roads
Centerton City Benton  
Centerville Unicorporated Yell  
Central City Town Sebastian  
Charleston City Franklin  
Cherokee Village City Fulton  
Cherokee Village City Sharp  
Cherry Valley City Cross  
Chester Town Crawford  
Chidester City Quachita  
Childress Unicorporated Craighead  
Chimes Unicorporated Van Buren  
Choctaw Pines Unicorporated Van Buren  
Choctaw Unicorporated Van Buren  
Cincinnati Unicorporated Washington  
Clarendon City Monroe  
Clarkedale Town Crittenden  
Clarkridge Unicorporated Baxter  
Clarksville City Johnson  
Claude Unicorporated Van Buren  
Clay Unicorporated White  
Clifty Unicorporated Madison  
Clinton City Van Buren  
Clow Unicorporated Hempstead  
Coal Hill City Johnson  
College City Town Lawrence  
Colt City St. Francis  
Compton Unicorporated Newton  
Conant Unicorporated White  
Concord Town Cleburne  
Conway City Faulkner  
Copeland Unicorporated Van Buren  
Corinth Town Yell  
Corning City Clay  
Cotter City Baxter  
Cotton Plant City Woodruff  
Cove Town Polk  
Coy Town Lonoke  
Crabtree Unicorporated Van Buren  
Crawfordsville City Crittenden  
Crosby Unicorporated White  
Crossett City Ashley  
Cullendale Unicorporated Quachita  
Culpepper Unicorporated Van Buren  
Cummins Unit Unicorporated Lincoln  
Cushman City Independence  
Dabney Unicorporated Van Buren  
Daisy Town Pike  
Damascus Town Faulkner  
Damascus Town Van Buren  
Danville City Yell  
Dardanelle City Yell  
Datto Town Clay  
De Queen City Sevier  
De Valls Bluff Town Prairie  
De Witt City Arkansas  
Decatur City Benton  
Deer Unicorporated Newton  
Delaney Unicorporated Madison  
Delaplaine Town Greene  
Delight City Pike  
Dell Town Mississippi  
Dennard Unicorporated Van Buren  
Denning Town Franklin  
Dermott City Chicot  
Des Arc City Prairie  
Dewey Unicorporated White  
Diamond City City Boone  
Diaz City Jackson  
Dierks City Howard  
Doddridge Unicorporated Miller  
Dogwood Unicorporated White  
Dolph Unicorporated Izard  
Donaldson Town Hot Spring  
Doniphan Unicorporated White  
Dora Unicorporated Crawford  
Dover City Pope  
Drasco Unicorporated Cleburne  
Dumas City Desha  
Dyer City Crawford  
Dyess Town Mississippi  
Earle City Crittenden  
East Camden City Quachita  
Edmondson Town Crittenden  
Eglantine Unicorporated Van Buren  
Egypt Town Craighead  
El Dorado City Union  
El Paso Unicorporated White southwestern White County, situated along Arkansas Highway 5 and U.S. Highway 64 West
Elaine City Phillips  
Elba Unicorporated Van Buren  
Elkins City Washington  
Elm Springs City Benton  
Elm Springs City Washington  
Emerson Town Columbia  
Emmet City Nevada  
Empire Unicorporated Chicot  
England City Lonoke  
Enola Town Faulkner  
Enright Unicorporated White  
Essex Unicorporated White  
Etowah Town Mississippi  
Eudora City Chicot  
Eureka Springs City Carroll  
Evening Shade Town Sharp  
Everton Town Boone  
Fairbanks Unicorporated Van Buren  
Fairfield Bay City Cleburne  
Fairfield Bay City Van Buren  
Fargo Town Monroe  
Farmington City Washington  
Fayetteville City Washington  
Felsenthal Town Union  
Ferda Unicorporated Jefferson  
Fifty-Six City Stone  
Fisher City Poinsett  
Flippin City Marion  
Floyd Unicorporated White western White County, approximately 8 miles southeast of Romance, along Arkansas Highways 31 and 305 and surrounding county roads
Fordyce City Dallas  
Foreman City Little River  
Formosa Unicorporated Conway  
Formosa Unicorporated Van Buren  
Forrest City City St. Francis  
Fort Smith City Sebastian  
Forum Unicorporated Madison  
Fouke Town Miller  
Fountain Hill Town Ashley  
Fountain Lake Town Garland  
Four Mile Hill or "Boot Hill" Unicorporated White central White County, northwest of Searcy and southeast of Albion, along Arkansas Highway 16 and surrounding county roads
Fourche Town Perry  
Franklin Town Izard  
Fredonia (Biscoe) Town Prairie  
Friendship Town Hot Spring  
Fulton Town Hempstead  
Gamaliel Unicorporated Baxter  
Garfield Town Benton  
Garland Town Miller  
Garner Town White  
Gassville City Baxter  
Gateway Town Benton  
Genoa Unicorporated Miller  
Gentry City Benton  
Georgetown Town White  
Georgia Ridge Unicorporated White home community of Arkansas State Representative Charlotte Douglas of District 75 in Crawford County
Gid Unicorporated Izard  
Gilbert Town Searcy  
Gillett City Arkansas  
Gillham Town Sevier  
Gillian Settlement Unicorporated Johnson  
Gilmore Town Crittenden  
Glenwood City Montgomery  
Glenwood City Pike  
Goshen Town Washington  
Gosnell City Mississippi  
Gould City Lincoln  
Grady City Lincoln  
Grand Lake Unicorporated Chicot  
Grannis Town Polk  
Gravel Hill Unicorporated White western White County, northwest of Floyd and south of Joy, situated between Arkansas Highways 31 and 36 along Gravel Hill Road and surrounding county roads
Gravel Hill Unicorporated Van Buren  
Gravelly Unicorporated Yell  
Gravesville Unicorporated Van Buren  
Gravette City Benton  
Graysonia Unicorporated Clark  
Green Forest City Carroll  
Green Tree Unicorporated Van Buren  
Greenbrier City Faulkner  
Greenfield Unicorporated Poinsett  
Greenland City Washington  
Greenway City Clay  
Greenwood City Sebastian  
Greers Ferry City Cleburne  
Griffithville Town White  
Grubbs City Jackson  
Guion Town Izard  
Gum Springs Town Clark  
Gurdon City Clark  
Guy City Faulkner  
Hackett City Sebastian  
Half Moon Unicorporated Van Buren  
Hamburg City Ashley  
Hammondsville Unicorporated White western White County, between Romance and El Paso, primarily situated along Hammons Chapel Road (connecting Highway 5 and El Paso Road)
Hampton City Calhoun  
Happy Unicorporated White  
Hardy City Fulton  
Hardy City Sharp  
Harmony Unicorporated White central White County, southwest of Center Hill, situated along Arkansas Highway 305 and surrounding county roads
Harrell Town Calhoun  
Harrisburg City Poinsett  
Harrison City Boone  
Hart Unicorporated White  
Hartford City Sebastian  
Hartman City Johnson  
Haskell City Saline  
Hasty Unicorporated Newton  
Hatfield Town Polk  
Havana City Yell  
Haynes Town Lee  
Hazen City Prairie  
Heber Springs City Cleburne  
Hector Town Pope  
Helena-West Helena City Phillips  
Herman Unicorporated Craighead  
Hermitage City Bradley  
Hickeytown Unicorporated Johnson  
Hickory Flat Unicorporated White  
Hickory Ridge City Cross  
Higden Town Cleburne  
Higginson Town White  
Highfill Town Benton  
Highland City Sharp  
Hilo Unicorporated Bradley  
Hindsville Town Madison  
Holland City Faulkner  
Holly Grove City Monroe  
Holly Springs Unicorporated White  
Hope City Hempstead  
Hopewell Unicorporated Boone  
Horatio City Sevier  
Horseshoe Bend City Fulton  
Horseshoe Bend City Izard  
Horseshoe Bend City Sharp  
Horseshoe Lake Town Crittenden  
Hot Springs City Garland  
Houston Town Perry  
Hoxie City Lawrence  
Hughes City St. Francis  
Humnoke City Lonoke  
Humphrey City Arkansas  
Humphrey City Jefferson  
Hunt Unicorporated Johnson  
Hunter Town Woodruff  
Huntington City Sebastian  
Huntsville City Madison  
Huttig City Union  
Imboden Town Lawrence  
Indian Unicorporated Chicot  
Ingalls Unicorporated Bradley  
Ink Unicorporated Polk  
Jacksonport Town Jackson  
Jacksonville City Pulaski  
Jasper City Newton  
Jefferson Unicorporated Jefferson  
Jennette Town Crittenden  
Jennie Unicorporated Chicot  
Jericho Town Crittenden  
Jerome Town Drew  
Jersey Unicorporated Bradley  
Johnson City Washington  
Johnsville Unicorporated Bradley  
Joiner City Mississippi  
Jonesboro City Craighead  
Joy Unicorporated White central White County, between Rose Bud and Center Hill, situated along Arkansas Highway 36 and surrounding county roads
Judsonia City White  
Junction City City Union  
Keeler Corner Unicorporated White  
Keiser City Mississippi  
Kensett City White  
Keo Town Lonoke  
Kibler City Crawford  
Kingsland City Cleburne  
Kingston Unicorporated Madison  
Knobel City Clay  
Knoxville City Johnson  
Kokomo, Arkansas Unicorporated Lee  
LaCrosse Unicorporated Izard  
Lafe Town Greene  
LaGrange Town Lee  
Lake City City Craighead  
Lake Dick Unicorporated Jefferson  
Lake View City Phillips  
Lake Village City Chicot  
Lakeport Unicorporated Chicot  
Lakeside Unicorporated Saline
Lakeview City Baxter  
Lamar City Johnson  
Langley Unicorporated Pike  
Lanty Unicorporated Conway  
Lavaca City Sebastian  
Leachville City Mississippi  
Lead Hill Town Boone  
Leola City Grant  
Lepanto City Poinsett  
Leslie City Searcy  
Lester Unicorporated Craighead  
Letona Town White  
Levesque Unicorporated Cross  
Lewisville City Layayette  
Lexa Town Phillips  
Liberty Valley Unicorporated White eastern White County, between Bald Knob and the White River, along U.S. Highway 64 East and surrounding county roads
Lincoln City Washington  
Little Arkansaw Unicorporated Boone  
Little Flock City Benton  
Little Red Unicorporated White  
Little Rock City Pulaski  
Lockesburg City Sevier  
Lodi Unicorporated Pike  
London City Pope  
Lonoke City Lonoke  
Lonsdale Town Garland  
Louann Town Quachita  
Lowell City Benton  
Lunenburg Unicorporated Izard  
Lunsford Unicorporated Craighead  
Luxora Town Mississippi  
Lynn Town Lawrence  
Madison City St. Francis  
Magazine City Logan  
Magness Town Independence  
Magnet Cove Town Hot Spring  
Magnolia City Columbia  
Malvern City Hot Spring  
Mammoth Spring City Fulton  
Manila City Mississippi  
Mansfield City Scott  
Mansfield City Sebastian  
Marble Falls Unicorporated Newton  
Marble Unicorporated Madison  
Marianna City Lee  
Marie Town Mississippi  
Marion City Crittenden  
Marked Tree City Poinsett  
Marmaduke City Greene  
Marshall City Searcy  
Marvell City Phillips  
Maumelle City Pulaski  
Mayflower City Faulkner  
Maynard Town Randolph  
McCaskill Town Hempstead  
McCrory City Woodruff  
McDougal City Clay  
McGehee City Desha  
McNab Town Hempstead  
McNeil City Columbia  
McRae City White  
Melbourne City Izard  
Mena City Polk  
Menifee Town Conway  
Midland Town Sebastian  
Midway, Arkansas Unicorporated Lee  
Midway Town Hot Spring  
Midway Unicorporated Jefferson  
Midway Unicorporated White  
Mineral Springs City Howard  
Minturn Town Lawrence  
Mitchell Corner Unicorporated White  
Mitchellville City Desha  
Modoc Unicorporated Phillips  
Monette City Craighead
Monroe, Arkansas Unicorporated Lee  
Monticello City Drew  
Montrose City Ashley  
Moorefield Town Independence  
Morganton Unicorporated Van Buren  
Morning Sun Unicorporated White annexed to Higginson in 2008
Moro Bay Unicorporated Bradley  
Moro Town Calhoun  
Moro Town Lee  
Morrilton City Conway  
Morrison Bluff Town Logan  
Moscow Unicorporated Jefferson  
Mount Holly Unicorporated Union  
Mount Ida City Montgomery  
Mount Judea Unicorporated Newton  
Mount Olive Unicorporated Izard  
Mount Pleasant Town Izard  
Mount Vernon Town Faulkner  
Mountain Home City Baxter  
Mountain Pine City Garland  
Mountain View City Stone  
Mountainburg City Crawford  
Mulberry City Crawford  
Murfreesboro City Pike  
Nashville City Howard  
Nathan Town Pike  
Newark City Independence  
Newhope Unicorporated Pike  
Newnata Unicorporated Stone  
Newport City Jackson  
Nimmo Unicorporated White  
Nimmons Town Clay  
Nogo Unicorporated Pope  
Norfork City Baxter  
Norman Town Montgomery  
Norphlet City Union  
North Little Rock City Pulaski  
Oak Grove Heights City Greene  
Oak Grove Town Carroll  
Oakhaven Town Hempstead  
Oark Unicorporated Johnson  
Oden Town Montgomery  
Ogden Town Little River  
Oil Trough Town Independence  
O'Kean Town Randolph  
Okolona Town Clark  
Ola City Yell  
Old Botkinburg Unicorporated Van Buren  
Omaha Town Boone  
Opal Unicorporated White southwestern White County, between El Paso and Beebe, along U.S. Highway 64 West and Opal Road and surrounding county roads
Oppelo City Conway  
Osceola City Mississippi  
Otwell Unicorporated Craighead  
Owensville Unicorporated Saline  
Oxford City Izard  
Ozan Town Hempstead  
Ozark Acres Unicorporated Sharp  
Ozark City Franklin  
Ozone Unicorporated Johnson  
Palestine City St. Francis  
Palisades Unicorporated Van Buren  
Pangburn City White  
Paragould City Greene  
Paris City Logan  
Parkdale City Ashley  
Parkin City Cross  
Parthenon Unicorporated Newton
Patmos Town Hempstead  
Patterson Town Woodruff  
Pea Ridge City Benton  
Peach Orchard City Clay  
Pee Dee Unicorporated Van Buren  
Perla Town Hot Spring  
Perry Town Perry  
Perrytown Town Hempstead  
Perryville City Perry  
Petersburg Unicorporated Ashley  
Pickens Unicorporated White north-central White County, between Sidon and Letona, along Arkansas Highway 310 (Pickens Chapel Road) and Pickens Road and surrounding county roads
Piggott City Clay  
Pindall Town Searcy  
Pine Bluff City Jefferson  
Pineville Town Izard  
Pisgah Town Pike  
Pittsburg Unicorporated Johnson  
Plainview Unicorporated White northeastern White County, north of Judsonia, along Arkansas Highways 157 and 385 and surrounding county roads
Plainview City Yell  
Plant Unicorporated Van Buren  
Pleasant Grove Unicorporated Van Buren  
Pleasant Plains Town Independence  
Plumerville City Conway  
Pocahontas City Randolph  
Pollard City Clay  
Ponca Unicorporated Newton
Poplar Grove Unicorporated Phillips  
Portia Town Lawrence  
Portland City Ashley  
Possum Grape Unicorporated Jackson  
Pottsville Town Pope  
Poughkeepsie Unicorporated Sharp  
Powhatan Town Lawrence  
Poyen Town Grant  
Prairie Grove City Washington  
Prairie View Unicorporated Logan  
Prattsville City Grant  
Prescott City Nevada  
Providence Unicorporated White northeastern White County, north of Judsonia and northwest of Bald Knob, along Arkansas Highways 157 and 258 and surrounding county roads; site of White County Central Schools
Pryor Unicorporated White  
Pyatt Town Marion  
Quitman City Cleburne  
Quitman City Faulkner  
Rabbit Ridge Unicorporated Van Buren  
Ratcliff City Logan  
Ravenden Springs Town Randolph  
Ravenden Town Lawrence  
Readland Unicorporated Chicot  
Rector City Clay  
Redfield City Jefferson  
Reed Town Desha  
Rex Unicorporated Van Buren  
Reydell Unicorporated Jefferson  
Reyno Town Randolph  
Rio Vista Unicorporated White  
Rison City Cleburne  
Rivervale Unicorporated Poinsett  
Rockport City Hot Spring  
Rocky Hill Unicorporated Van Buren  
Roe Town Monroe  
Rogers City Benton  
Romance Unicorporated White western White County, between Rose Bud and El Paso, along Arkansas Highways 5 and 31 and surrounding county roads
Rondo Town Lee  
Rosboro Unicorporated Pike  
Rose Bud Town White  
Ross Van Ness Unicorporated Chicot  
Rosston Town Nevada  
Rover Unicorporated Yell  
Royal Unicorporated Garland  
Rudy Town Crawford  
Rumley Unicorporated Van Buren  
Rupert Unicorporated Van Buren  
Russell Town White  
Russellville City Pope  
Sage Unicorporated Izard  
Salem City Fulton  
Salem Town Pike  
Salesville City Baxter  
Scatterville Unicorporated Clay  
Scotland Unicorporated Van Buren  
Scranton City Logan  
Searcy City White  
Sedgwick Town Lawrence  
Self Unicorporated Boone  
Shannon Hills City Saline  
Sheridan City Grant  
Sherrill Town Jefferson  
Sherrill Unicorporated Jefferson  
Sherwood City Pulaski  
Shirley Town Van Buren  
Showalter's Corner Unicorporated White  
Sidney Town Sharp  
Sidon Unicorporated White north-central White County, west of Pickens and north of Joy, along Arkansas Highway 310 and surrounding county roads
Siloam Springs City Benton  
Smackover City Union  
Smithville Town Lawrence  
Smyrna Unicorporated White  
Solgohachia Unicorporated Conway  
South Lead Hill Town Boone  
Southside Unicorporated Van Buren  
Sparkman City Dallas  
Springdale City Benton mostly in Washington County
Springdale City Washington  
Springfield Unicorporated Conway  
Springhill Unicorporated Hempstead  
Springtown Town Benton  
St. Charles Town Arkansas  
St. Francis City Clay  
St. Joe Town Searcy  
St. Paul Town Madison  
Stamps City Layayette  
Star City City Lincoln  
Stephens City Quachita  
Steprock Unicorporated White  
Strawberry Town Lawrence  
Strong City Union  
Stumptoe Unicorporated Van Buren  
Stuttgart City Arkansas  
Subiaco Town Logan  
Success Town Clay  
Sulphur Rock Town Independence  
Sulphur Springs City Benton  
Sulphur Springs Unicorporated Jefferson  
Sulphur Springs Unicorporated Van Buren  
Summers Unicorporated Washington  
Summit City Marion  
Sumpter Unicorporated Bradley  
Sunnydale Unicorporated White  
Sunset Town Crittenden  
Swifton City Jackson  
Sylamore Unicorporated Izard  
Taylor City Columbia  
Texarkana City Miller  
Thornton City Calhoun  
Tillar City Drew  
Tillar Town Desha  
Timbo Unicorporated Stone  
Tinsman Town Calhoun  
Tollette Town Howard  
Tollville Unicorporated Prairie  
Tontitown City Washington  
Traskwood City Saline  
Trumann City Poinsett  
Tucker Unicorporated Jefferson  
Tuckerman City Jackson  
Tull Town Grant  
Tupelo Town Jackson  
Turrell City Crittenden  
Twentythree Unicorporated White  
Twin Groves Town Faulkner  
Tyronza City Poinsett  
Ulm Town Prairie  
Valley Springs Town Boone  
Van Buren City Crawford  
Vandervoort Town Polk  
Varner Unicorporated Lincoln  
Velvet Ridge Unicorporated White northeastern White County, north of Bald Knob, along U.S. Highway 167 and surrounding county roads
Vendor Unicorporated Newton
Vick Unicorporated Bradley  
Victoria Town Mississippi  
Vilonia City Faulkner  
Vinity Corner Unicorporated White south-central White County, south of Garner and southeast of McRae, along West Vinity Road, North Vinity Road, and other county roads southeast of Arkansas Highway 367
Viola Town Fulton  
Violet Hill Unicorporated Izard  
Wabbaseka Town Jefferson  
Waldenburg Town Poinsett  
Waldo City Columbia  
Waldron City Scott  
Walker Unicorporated White southeastern White County, south of Higginson and west of Griffithville, along Arkansas Highway 11 (Walker Road) and surrounding county roads
Walnut Grove Unicorporated Van Buren  
Walnut Ridge City Lawrence  
War Eagle City Benton  
Ward City Lonoke  
Warren City Bradley  
Washington City Hempstead  
Watson City Desha  
Wayton Unicorporated Newton
Weathers Unicorporated Madison  
Weiner City Poinsett  
Weldon Town Jackson  
West Fork City Washington  
West Memphis City Crittenden  
West Point Town White  
Western Grove Town Newton  
Wheatley Town St. Francis  
Whelen Springs Town Clark  
Whipple Unicorporated Van Buren  
White Hall City Jefferson  
Wickes City Polk  
Wideman Unicorporated Izard  
Widener Town St. Francis  
Wiederkehr Village City Franklin  
Williford Town Sharp  
Willisville Town Nevada  
Wilmar City Drew  
Wilmot City Ashley  
Wilson Town Mississippi  
Wilton Town Little River  
Winchester Town Drew  
Winslow City Washington  
Winthrop City Little River  
Wiseman Unicorporated Izard  
Wittsburg Unicorporated Cross  
Woodlum Unicorporated Van Buren  
Wooster Town Faulkner  
Worden Unicorporated White  
Wright Unicorporated Jefferson  
Wright's Corner Unicorporated White  
Wrightsville City Pulaski  
Wynne City Cross  
Yellville City Marion  
Zinc Town Boone  
Zion Hill Unicorporated Van Buren  

Arkansas Townships[edit | edit source]

Name Type County Comments
Acorn Township Polk small part of Mena
Afton Township Fulton  
Alabam Township Madison  
Alabama Township Nevada  
Alamo Township Montgomery  
Albany Township Nevada  
Albion Township White  
Alix Township Franklin part of Wiederkehr Village
Alma Township Crawford most of Alma
Annieville Township Lawrence  
Antioch Township Hot Spring  
Antioch Township White  
Antoine Township Pike most of CDP Kirby
Aplin Township Perry  
Arbana Township Stone small part of Mountain View
Archey Valley / Table Township Van Buren  
Arden Township Little River  
Arkansas Township Arkansas Gillett
Arkinda Township Little River  
Ashland Minturn Township Lawrence Minturn
Ashley Township Independence  
Athens Township Izard
Auburn Township Lincoln  
Augusta Township Woodruff  
Austin Township Conway  
Baker Township Izard small parts of Horseshoe Bend and Oxford
Baker Township Layayette most of Stamps
Baker Township Randolph  
Bald Knob Township White Bald Knob
Banner Township Saline contains most of East End
Banner Township Ashley  
Barber Township Logan  
Barham Township Franklin  
Barnes Township Woodruff  
Barnett Township Van Buren  
Barraque (Redfield) Township Jefferson  
Barren Fork Township Izard part of Mount Pleasant
Barren Township Independence contains part of Cave City
Barren Township Jackson  
Bartholomew Township Drew contains Jerome
Bartholomew Township Lincoln  
Barton Township Arkansas  
Bass Little Township Sebastian some of Greenwood
Batavia Township Boone  
Bateman Township Jackson contains part of Newport
Batson Township Johnson  
Bauxite Township Saline contains Bauxite, most of Benton
Bayliss / Table Township Pope  
Bayou Meto Township Arkansas  
Bayou Township Ashley  
Bayou Township Baxter  
Bear Creek # 4 Township Searcy  
Bear Creek # 5 Township Searcy  
Bear Creek # 6 Township Searcy  
Bear Creek Township Sevier contains most of De Queen
Bearhouse Township Ashley  
Bearhouse Township Drew  
Beaver Township Saline contains Avilla, part of Bryant
Beaver Township Carroll  
Bedford Township Cross small part of Wynne
Beech (Fouke) Township Miller
Beech Creek Township Ashley  
Belcher Township Prairie  
Bellefonte Township Boone  
Ben Lomond Township Sevier contains Ben Lomond
Benedict Township Faulkner contains part of Conway
Bennett-Lemmons Township Clay McDougal
Bentley Township Conway Oppelo
Benton Township Faulkner contains part of Quitman
Benton Township Fulton  
Bethesda Township Quachita  
Beverly Township Sebastian  
Bidville Township Crawford  
Big Bottom-Wycough-Logan Township Township Independence contains Newark
Big Creek Township Craighead Bono
Big Creek / Table Township Newton  
Big Creek / Table Township Phillips  
Big Creek Township White Pangburn
Big Creek Township Fulton  
Big Creek Township Hot Spring  
Big Creek Township Lee  
Big Creek Township Sebastian Lavaca
Big Creek Township Sharp  
Big Flat Township Baxter  
Big Fork Township Polk  
Big Lake Township Mississippi Manila
Big Rock Township Pulaski  
Big Spring Township Izard  
Bird Township Jackson contains most of Tuckerman
Bird Township Conway  
Birta Township Yell  
Bismarck Township Hot Spring  
Black Fish Township St. Francis  
Black Fork Township Scott  
Black Oak Township Craighead Black Oak & Caraway
Black Oak Township Crittenden  
Black Oak Township Franklin  
Black River Township Lawrence Powhatan
Black River-Marshell Township Independence  
Black Rock Township Lawrence most of Black Rock
Black Springs Township Montgomery Black Springs
Blackland Township Howard  
Blansett Township Scott  
Bloomer Township Sebastian  
Blue Bayou Township Howard  
Blue Cane Township Greene  
Blue Mountain Township Logan Blue Mountain
Blue Mountain Township Stone most of Mountain View
Blue Ridge Township Howard  
Bluffton Township Yell  
Blythe Township Boone  
Boas Township Lawrence
Bob Ward Township Crittenden Anthonyville, Edmondson, small part of Jennette
Bodcaw Township Hempstead Patmos
Bogy Township Jefferson  
Bohannan Township Madison  
Bois d'Arc Township Hempstead Fulton, McNab
Bolivar Township Jefferson  
Boliver Township Poinsett Harrisburg
Boone Township Logan Booneville
Boone Township Union  
Boston Township Franklin  
Boston Township Madison  
Boston Township Newton  
Boston Township Washington  
Boughton Township Nevada  
Bowen Township Mississippi Gosnell
Bowen Township Madison  
Bowie Township Desha most of McGehee
Bowie Township Chicot Dermott
Bowman Township Cleburne  
Bradley Township Quachita East Camden
Bradley Township Van Buren  
Bradshaw-Haywood Township Clay Greenway
Bragg Township Quachita  
Brawley Township Scott  
Breckenridge Township Greene Lafe
Breckinridge Township Jackson contains Tupelo and Weldon
Brewer Township Arkansas  
Brewer Township Howard  
Brewer Township Pike  
Bridge Creek (Elliott) Township Quachita  
Briggsville Township Yell  
Brinkley Township Monroe most of Brinkley
Bristol Township Faulkner  
Bristow Township Randolph  
Brookland Township Craighead Brookland
Brown Springs Township Hot Spring  
Brown Township Monroe  
Brown-Carpenter Township Clay Success
Brush Creek Township Washington  
Brushy Lake Township Cross  
Bryan Township Boone  
Bryan Township Greene  
Bryan Township Izard  
Bryan Township Jackson  
Bryan Township Stone  
Bryant Township Saline contains most of Alexander and Bryant, small parts of Benton and Shannon Hills
Buck Range Township Howard  
Buckhorn Township Baxter  
Buckhorn Township Sevier  
Buffalo Township Craighead Monette
Buford Township Baxter  
Bullard Township Prairie  
Bunn Township Dallas  
Burdette Township Mississippi Burdette
Burg Township Howard  
Burke Township Little River  
Burnett Township Pope  
Butler Township Lonoke  
Butler Township Randolph  
Butterfield Township Hot Spring part of Rockport and Malvern
Cabanal Township Carroll  
Cache Township Monroe Clarendon
Cache Township Greene  
Cache Township Jackson  
Cache Township Lawrence  
Cache Township Woodruff  
Cache-Wilson Township Clay Knobel
Caddo Gap Township Montgomery  
Caddo Township Clark  
Cadron Township Faulkner contains most of Conway and part of Mayflower
Cadron Township Van Buren  
Cadron Township White  
Calf Creek Township Searcy  
Calhoun Township Prairie  
California Township Faulkner contains most of Guy, part of Twin Groves
California Township Cleburne  
California Township Madison  
Calvert Township Grant small part of Sheridan
Campbell Township Lawrence Hoxie, part of Walnut Ridge
Canadian Township Mississippi  
Cane Creek Township Lincoln contains Star City
Cane Creek Township Logan  
Cane Hill Township Washington  
Cane Township White  
Caney Township Nevada Cale, Rosston
Caney Township Montgomery mall parts of Glenwood
Caney Township Woodruff Hunter
Caney Township Little River  
Cargile Township Van Buren  
Carlisle Township Lonoke Carlisle
Carlton Township Chicot Lake Village
Caroline Township Lonoke Austin, small part of Cabot, part of Ward
Carroll Township Quachita  
Carrollton Township Boone  
Carrollton Township Carroll  
Carson Township Mississippi Marie
Carter Township Ashley contains Hamburg
Casa Township Perry Casa
Catholic Point Township Conway  
Cauthron Township Logan  
Cauthron Township Scott  
Cave Township Sharp Cave City
Cedar Creek Township Crawford  
Cedar Falls Township Conway  
Cedar Township Carroll  
Cedar Township Polk  
Cedar Township Scott  
Cedarville Township Crawford Cedarville
Center Township Polk most of Mena
Center Township Sebastian most of Greenwood
Center Point Township Howard  
Center Post Township Cleburne  
Center Township Montgomery  
Center Township Pope  
Center Township Prairie  
Center Township Washington  
Centerville Township Yell  
Chalk Bluff-Liddell Township Clay part of St. Francis
Cherokee Township Sharp most of Cherokee Village, small part of Highland
Cherry Hill Township Perry  
Chester Township Dallas Carthage
Chester Township Arkansas  
Chester Township Crawford Chester, small part of Mountainburg
Chickasawba Township Mississippi Blytheville
Choctaw Township Lincoln contains Grady
Choctaw Township Van Buren  
Chrisp Township White  
Chula Township Yell  
Claiborne Township Izard small part of Calico Rock
Clark Township Clay Peach Orchard
Clark Township Greene most of Paragould
Clark Township Logan Subiaco
Clark Township Pike Glenwood
Clark Township Pope  
Clay Township Bradley Banks
Clay Township Howard  
Clay Township White  
Clayton Township Desha Reed, Tillar, small part of McGehee
Clayton Township Cleburne  
Clear Creek Township Sevier contains Horatio
Clear Creek Township Drew  
Clear Creek Township Hot Spring  
Cleburne Township Monroe  
Cleburne Township Phillips  
Cleveland Township Little River Wilton
Cleveland Township Fulton  
Cleveland Township Lonoke  
Cleveland Township Miller  
Cleveland Township Quachita  
Cleveland Township Phillips  
Cleveland Township White  
Cleveland-North Kilgore Township Clay part of Corning
Clifton Township Faulkner contains Wooster
Coal Township Scott  
Cobb Township Franklin  
Coffey Township White  
Coin Township Carroll  
Coldwater Township Cross  
Coldwell Township White  
Cole Township Sebastian Hackett
Collier Township Greene  
Collins Township Drew  
Columbia Township Randolph  
Cominto Township Drew  
Compton Township Yell  
Convenience Township Pope  
Cornie Township Union  
Cotton Plant Township Woodruff Cotton Plant
Council Township Lee  
County Line Township Howard  
Cove Township Polk Hatfield
Cove City Township Crawford  
Cove Creek Township Washington  
Cow Lake Township Jackson contains Beedeville
Craig Township Van Buren  
Cravens Township Franklin  
Crawford Township Washington  
Crawford Township Yell  
Crockett Township Arkansas  
Crook Township Drew  
Crooked Creek Township Lonoke Allport, Humnoke
Crosby Township White  
Cross Township Carroll  
Crowley Township Greene  
Culpepper Township Van Buren  
Current River Township Randolph Biggers
Cushman-Union Township Independence contains Cushman
Cut Off Township Miller  
Cypert Township White  
Cypress Ridge Township Monroe  
Cypress Township Faulkner contains most of Vilonia
Cypress Township Phillips  
Dalton Township Randolph  
Danley Township Faulkner contains most of Mayflower
Danville Township Yell Corinth, Danville
Dardanelle Township Yell Dardanelle
Darysaw Township Grant  
Davidson Township Sharp  
Davis Township Grant  
Davis Township Van Buren  
Days Creek Township Miller  
Dayton Township Sebastian  
De Bastrop Township Ashley contains Parkdale
De Roan Township Hempstead Hope, Perrytown
De Roche Township Hot Spring  
De View Township Woodruff McCrory, Patterson
Dean Springs Township Crawford small part of Alma
Dekalb Township Grant Tull
Delaware Township Logan  
Demun Township Randolph Pocahontas
Denmark Township White  
Dent Imboden Township Lawrence Imboden
Dent Township Woodruff  
Denton Township Scott  
Departee Township Independence  
Des Arc Township Prairie  
Des Arc Township White  
Diamond Township Sebastian Huntington
Dickerson-Hill Township Johnson  
Dillard Township Howard  
Dixon Township Monroe part of Brinkley
Dobson Township Poinsett  
Dogwood Township White Griffithville
Donald Township Franklin most of Branch
Dora Township Crawford part of Van Buren
Dortch Township Lonoke CDP Scott
Dota Township Independence  
Dover Township Hot Spring  
Dover Township Pope  
Driggs Township Logan  
Dry Fork Township Carroll  
Dry Run Township Dallas part of Fordyce
Drytown Township Izard part of Mount Pleasant
Duckett Township Howard  
Dudley Lake Township Jefferson  
Duncan Township Monroe Holly Grove
Dunnington Township Jefferson Wabbaseka
Durham Township Washington  
Dutch Creek Township Yell  
Dutch Mills Township Washington  
Duty Township Lawrence Portia, small part of Black Rock
Dyer Township Saline contains part of Hot Springs Village
Dyer Township Crawford Dyer, small part of Alma
Dyess Township Mississippi Dyess
Eagle Township Pike small part of CDP Kirby
Eagle Township Faulkner contains part of Holland and Vilonia
Eagle Township Bradley  
Eagle Township Lonoke  
Eagle Township Polk  
East Fork Township Faulkner  
East Griggs Township Van Buren  
East Oak Bluff-Blue Cane Township Clay part of Rector
East Peter Creek Township Cleburne  
East Roanoke Township Randolph  
East Sullivan Township Sharp  
Eaton Township Lawrence  
Ecore Fabre Township Quachita most of Camden
Egypt Township Ashley contains Crossett, West Crossett, and most of North Crossett
El Dorado Township Union El Dorado
El Paso Township White  
Eleven Point Township Randolph  
Elixir Township Boone  
Elkins Township Washington Elkins
Ellis Township Cross  
Ellsworth Township Logan  
Elm Springs Township Washington Elm Springs
Elon Township Ashley  
Emerson Township Columbia Emerson
Emmet Township Nevada Emmet
Enola Township Faulkner contains most of Enola
Evening Shade Township Greene  
Ewing Township Boone  
Extra Township Ashley  
Fair Oaks Township Cross  
Fairplay Township Saline  
Fairview Township Independence contains Pleasant Plains
Fannie Township Montgomery  
Farmington Township Washington Farmington
Farris Township Stone  
Faulkner Township Polk  
Fayetteville Township Washington Fayetteville
Fenter Township Grant Poyen
Fenter Township Hot Spring Perla, most of Malvern, part of Rockport
Ferguson Township Yell Belleville
Flag Township Stone  
Flat Creek Township Lawrence  
Fleener Township Lee  
Fletcher Township Mississippi Luxora, Victoria
Fletcher Township Lonoke  
Fogleman Township Crittenden Gilmore, Turrell
Fordyce Township Dallas most of Fordyce
Formosa Township Van Buren  
Fort Chafee UT Township Sebastian part of Barling, part of Fort Smith
Foster Township Randolph  
Fourche Lafavre Township Perry most of Perryville
Francis Township Cleburne  
Francure Township White Georgetown
Franklin Township Desha Arkansas City
Franklin Township Little River Yarborough Landing
Franklin Township Union Calion
Franklin Township Izard most of Frankln, small part of Horseshoe Bend
Franklin Township Drew contains part of Tillar
Franklin Township Carroll  
Franklin Township Grant  
Franklin Township Howard  
Franklin Township Stone  
Franks Township St. Francis small part of Forrest City
Franks Township Woodruff  
Freedom Township Polk  
Freeman Township Pope  
Freeman Township Woodruff  
Freeo Township Quachita  
French Township Layayette  
Friendship Township Greene  
Fulton Township Fulton  
Fulton Township Polk  
Furlow Township Lonoke  
Gainsboro Township Independence  
Gaither Township Boone  
Galla Rock Township Yell  
Galla Township Pope  
Gap Springs Township Polk  
Garden Township Woodruff  
Garland Township Miller Texarkana
Garland Township St. Francis Hughes
Garland Township Arkansas  
Garland Township Hempstead  
Garner Township Union  
Garner Township White Garner
Georgia Township Nevada  
Gid Township Izard  
Gifford Township Hot Spring  
Giles Township Cleburne Greers Ferry
Gilkerson Township Craighead part of Jonesboro
Gilkey Township Yell  
Glaize Township Jackson  
Glass Township Jackson contains Swifton
Gleghorn-South Kilgore Township Clay part of Corning
Golden Lake Township Mississippi Wilson
Goodrum Township Lonoke  
Goodwin Township St. Francis  
Goshen Township Washington Goshen
Gould Township Lincoln contains Gould
Grant Township Johnson Coal Hill
Grassey Township Cleburne Concord
Gravel Hill Township White  
Gravelly Hill Township Yell  
Gray Township White most of Searcy, part of Kensett
Gray Township Lonoke  
Greenbrier Township Independence  
Greenfield Township Craighead small part of Jonesboro
Greenfield Township Monroe Fargo
Greenfield Township Poinsett  
Greenland Township Washington Greenland
Greenwood Township Poinsett Lepanto
Greenwood Township Baxter  
Gregory Township Conway  
Griffin Township Conway  
Griffin Township Pope  
Griggs Township St. Francis Widener
Grove Township Newton  
Grover Township Baxter  
Grover Township Franklin  
Grubbs Township Jackson contains Grubbs
Guion Township Izard Guion
Gum Log Township Pope  
Gum Pond Township Arkansas most of Stuttgart
Gum Springs Township White part of Searcy
Gum Woods Township Lonoke England
Guthrie Township Izard  
Guthrie Township White  
Hadley Township Layayette Buckner, small part of Stamps
Hale Township Garland  
Half Moon Lake Township Mississippi  
Halley Township Desha small part of McGehee
Hamilton Township Lonoke  
Hampton Township Lee Moro
Hardin Township Faulkner (contains Greenbrier and part of Holland)
Hardy Township Sharp most of Hardy
Hardy Township Lee  
Harmon Township Washington  
Harper Township Cleburne Herbine
Harris Township Stone small part of Mountain View
Harrison Township White most of Judsonia, part of Searcy
Harrison Township Hot Spring  
Harrison Township Union  
Hartford Township Sebastian Hartford
Hartsell Township Township White  
Harve Township Faulkner contains most of Holland, part of Enola
Haskell Township Saline contains Haskell
Hasty Township Newton  
Hays Township Greene  
Hazen Township Prairie Hazen
Heaing Springs Township Cleburne  
Heber Township Cleburne most of Heber Springs
Hector Township Mississippi Dell
Henderson Township Union Junction City
Henderson Township Hot Spring  
Henton Township Arkansas Humphrey
Herndon Township Craighead  
Herring Township Yell  
Heth Township St. Francis  
Hickey Township Johnson  
Hickman Township Scott Waldron
Hickory Grove Township Newton  
Hickory Plain Township Prairie  
Hickory Ridge Township Cross Hickory Ridge
Hickory Ridge Township Phillips  
Hickory Township Carroll  
Hicksville Township Phillips  
Higgins Township Conway  
Higginson Township Township White Higginson, part of Searcy
Highland Township Sharp most of Highland
Hilburn Township Madison  
Hill Township Independence  
Hill Township Pulaski  
Hindman Township Monroe  
Hogan Township Franklin Altus, Denning, part of Wiederkehr Village
Holland Township Saline  
Holly Creek Township Howard  
Holly Mountain Township Van Buren  
Holly Springs Township Dallas  
Homan Township Miller  
Hon Township Scott  
Hopewell Township Greene  
Hopper Township Montgomery  
Hornor Township Phillips  
Horsehead Township Johnson  
Hot Springs Township Garland  
Houston Township Perry Houston
Howard Township Conway Menifee, Plumerville
Howell Township Johnson most of Knoxville
Hudgin Township Cleburne  
Hudson Township Newton  
Huff Township Independence  
Hunt Township Scott  
Hurricane Township Cleburne CDP Rye
Hurricane Township Greene Marmaduke
Hurricane Township Saline contains small part of East End
Hurricane Township Franklin  
Illinois Township Pope  
Illinois Township Washington  
Independence Township Lee Marianna
Independence Township Baxter  
Indian Bayou Township Lonoke Coy
Indian Rock Township Van Buren  
Ingram Township Randolph  
Ions Creek Township Yell  
Isbell Township Lonoke  
Island Township Sebastian  
Ivy Township Franklin  
Jackson Township Crittenden Crawfordsville, part of Marion, part of West Memphis small part of Jennette
Jackson Township Little River Foreman
Jackson Township Boone  
Jackson Township Dallas  
Jackson Township Monroe  
Jackson Township Nevada  
Jackson Township Newton  
Jackson Township Pope  
Jackson Township Randolph  
Jackson Township Sharp Williford
Jackson Township Union  
Jackson Township White  
James Township Scott  
Janes Creek Township Randolph Ravenden Springs
Japton Township Madison  
Jasper Township Crawford  
Jasper Township Crittenden Sunset, most of Marion, part of West Memphis, small part of Clarkedale
Jeff Davis Township Little River  
Jefferson Township Little River Ashdown
Jefferson Township Izard most of Horseshoe Bend, small part of Franklin
Jefferson Township Jackson contains Campbell Station and Jacksonport, part of Diaz and Tuckerman
Jefferson Township Boone  
Jefferson Township Desha  
Jefferson Township Independence  
Jefferson Township Jefferson  
Jefferson Township Newton  
Jefferson Township Quachita  
Jefferson Township Saline  
Jefferson Township Sevier  
Jefferson Township White  
Jesup Township Lawrence  
Jewell Township Little River  
Jim Fork Township Sebastian Midland
Johnson Township Little River Ogden
Johnson Township Washington Johnson
Johnson Township Clay  
Johnson Township Logan  
Johnson Township St. Francis  
Johnson Township Union  
Jones Township Greene Delaplaine
Jones Township Newton  
Jones Township Scott  
Jones Township Stone  
Jonesboro Township Craighead largest portion of Jonesboro
Joy Township White  
Keaton Township Arkansas  
Keener Township Scott  
Keevil Township Monroe  
Kenney Township Perry  
Kensett Township White most of Kensett, small part of Searcy
Kentucky Township White Rose Bud
Kentucky Township Madison  
Kentucky Township Newton  
Kentucky Township Saline  
Kibler Township Crawford most of Kibler
Kimbrough Township Lincoln  
King's River Township Carroll  
Kings River Township Madison  
Kingsland Township Cleburne Kingsland
Knob Township Clay  
La Faye Township Scott  
La Grange Township Layayette small part of Lewisville
La Grue Township Arkansas De Witt
Lacrosse Township Izard part of Melbourne
Lafayette Township Lonoke Keo
Lafayette Township Quachita small part of Camden
Lafayette Township Scott  
Lafferty Township Izard  
Lake City Township Craighead Lake City
Lake Hamilton Township Garland  
Lake Township Greene  
Lake Township Perry Perry
Lake Township Phillips  
Lamar Township Yell Plainview
Lamar Township Madison  
Lamb Township Scott  
Lancaster Township Crawford  
L'Anguille Township St. Francis  
Lapile Township Union Felsenthal, Huttig, Strong
Lave Creek Township Sharp  
Lawrence Township Lawrence  
Leake Township Nevada  
Lee Township Boone  
Lee Township Cleburne  
Lee Township Johnson  
Lees Creek Township Crawford  
Lee's Creek Township Washington  
Lester Township Craighead  
Lewis Township Scott Mansfield
Liberty Township White Bradford
Liberty Township Carroll  
Liberty Township Dallas  
Liberty Township Independence  
Liberty Township Quachita  
Liberty Township Pope  
Liberty Township Saline  
Liberty Township Stone  
Liberty Township Van Buren  
Lick Creek Township Little River  
Lick Mountain Township Conway CDP Center Ridge
Limestone Township Franklin  
Lincoln Township Washington Lincoln
Lincoln Township Madison  
Lincoln Township Newton  
Linn Creek Township Van Buren  
Litteral Township Washington  
Little Black Township Randolph  
Little River Township Poinsett Marked Tree
Little River Township Little River Winthrop
Little River Township Mississippi Etowa
Little Texas Township Craighead small part of Cash
Live Oak Township Drew contains Winchester
Locke Township Crawford  
Locust Grove Township Stone  
Logan Township Baxter  
Logan Township Logan  
Lon Norris Township Sebastian part of Fort Smith
Lone Hill Township Hot Spring part of Midway
Lone Pine Township Lincoln  
Lone Rock Township Baxter  
Long Creek Township Boone  
Long Creek Township Carroll  
Long Creek Township Searcy  
Longview Township Ashley  
Lonoke Township Lonoke Lonoke
Low Gap Township Johnson  
Low Gap Township Newton  
Lower North Township Sharp  
Lower Surrounded Hill Township Prairie Fredonia, Biscoe
Lucas Township Crittenden Horseshoe Lake
Lunenberg Township Izard  
Lunsford Township Poinsett  
Madison Township Howard Dierks
Madison Township St. Francis most of Forrest City, Madison
Madison Township Grant  
Magazine Township Yell  
Magness Township Lonoke part of Cabot
Magness Township Independence contains Magness
Magnet Township Hot Spring Magnet Cove
Magnolia Township Columbia most of Magnolia
Main Shore Township Greene  
Mammoth Spring Township Fulton  
Manchester Township Dallas  
Marais Saline Township Ashley  
Marble Township Saline contains part of Hot Springs Village
Marble Falls Township Newton  
Marble Township Madison  
Marcella Township Stone  
Marion Township Sebastian Bonanza, small part of Fort Smith
Marion Township Lawrence Alicia
Marion Township White Letona
Marion County Township Marion  
Marion Township Drew contains Monticello
Marion Township Bradley  
Marion Township Quachita  
Marion Township Phillips  
Marrs Hill Township Washington  
Mars Hill Township Layayette  
Marshall Township White  
Martin Township Conway  
Martin Township Pope  
Mason Township Yell  
Matney Township Baxter  
Matthews Township Faulkner  
Maumelle Township Craighead Bay, part of Jonesboro
Maumelle Township Perry  
McFall Township Arkansas  
McGavock Township Mississippi Joiner
McHue Township Independence contains part of Batesville
McIlroy Township Franklin  
McJester Township Cleburne  
McKennon Township Johnson  
McLaren Township Conway  
McNeil Township Columbia McNeil, small part of Magnolia
McRae Township White McRae
Melton Township Jefferson  
Merry Green Township Grant most of Sheridan
Middle Township Franklin  
Midway Township Hot Spring  
Mill Bayou Township Arkansas Almyra
Mill Creek Township Ashley contains part of North Crossett
Mill Creek Township Izard most of Melbourne
Mill Creek Township Franklin  
Mill Creek Township Lincoln  
Mill Creek Township Madison  
Mill Creek Township Polk  
Mill Creek Township Scott  
Mill Creek Township Sevier  
Mill Township Baxter  
Miller Township Cleburne CDP Woodlawn
Miller Township Franklin  
Mine Creek Township Hempstead part of Ozan
Mineral Township Sevier contains Gillham
Mineral Springs Township Howard Mineral Springs
Mississippi Township Crittenden most of West Memphis, part of Marion
Mississippi Township Desha  
Mississippi Township Sebastian  
Missouri Township Nevada Prescott
Missouri Township Pike Delight
Mitchell Township Cross Cherry Valley
Monroe Township Sevier contains small part of De Queen
Monroe Township Mississippi Keiser, Osceola
Mont Sandels Township Sebastian Central City, most of Barling
Montgomery Township Hot Spring  
Montgomery-Smalley Township Monroe  
Montrose Township Ashley contains Montrose
Mooney Township Phillips  
Moorefield Township Independence contains Moorefield, part of Batesville
Moreland Township Pope  
Morgan Township Cleburne part of Fairfield Bay
Morgan Township Franklin  
Morgan Township Lawrence Lynn
Morgan Township Sharp  
Moro Township Bradley  
Morris Township Arkansas part of Stuttgart
Morrow Township Washington  
Mound City Township Crittenden part of Marion, part of West Memphis, small part of Clarkedale
Mount Calm Township Fulton  
Mount Ida Township Montgomery Mount Ida
Mount Olive Township Izard  
Mount Pisgah Township White  
Mount Pleasant Township Scott  
Mount Pleasant Township Searcy  
Mount Vernon Township Faulkner contains Mount Vernon
Mountain Home Township Baxter  
Mountain Township Cleburne  
Mountain Township Faulkner  
Mountain Township Franklin  
Mountain Township Howard  
Mountain Township Logan  
Mountain Township Pike  
Mountain Township Polk  
Mountain Township Scott  
Mountain Township Van Buren  
Mountain Township Yell  
Mountainburg Township Crawford most of Mountainburg
Muddy Fork Township Howard  
Muddy Fork Township Pike  
Mulberry Township Crawford most of Mulberry
Mulberry Township Franklin  
Mulberry Township Johnson  
Murry Township Newton  
Myatt Township Fulton  
Nashville Township Howard Nashville
Neal Township Mississippi Leachville
Nelson Township Clay Datto
Nettleton Township Craighead part of Jonesboro
New Hope Township Izard most of Oxford
New Tennessee Township Perry  
Newburg Township Izard small part of Oxford
Newcomb Township Saline  
Newton Township Faulkner  
Nichols Township Conway  
Niven Township Jefferson  
Niven-Jackson Township Cleburne  
Nix Township Dallas  
Noland Township Hempstead small part of Emmet
Norman Township Montgomery Norman
Norphlet Township Union Norphlet
North Big Rock Township Sharp  
North Cadron Township Cleburne part of Quitman
North Fork Township Baxter  
North Harrison Township Boone  
North Lebanon Township Sharp  
North St. Francis Township Clay part of Piggott
North Yocum Township Carroll  
Northwest Township Stone Fifty-Six
Oak Forest Township Lee  
Oak Grove Township Lonoke small part of Cabot
Oden Township Montgomery Oden
Oil Trough Township Independence contains Oil Trough
O'Kean Township Randolph O'Kean
Old Hickory Township Conway  
Old River Township Jefferson  
Oliver Springs Township Crawford  
Oliver Township Scott  
Olvey Township Boone  
Omaha Township Boone  
Omega Township Carroll  
Optimus Township Stone  
Osage Township Carroll  
Osage Township Newton  
Otter Township Saline contains most of Shannon Hills, small parts of Alexander and East End
Ouachita Township Hot Spring Donaldson
Ouachita Township Bradley  
Ouachita Township Polk  
Owen Township Poinsett Fisher, Waldenburg
Owen Township Dallas Sparkman
Owen Township Saline contains some of Bryant, small part of Alexander
Owen Township Lincoln  
Oxley Township Searcy  
Ozan Township Hempstead Oakhaven, Washington, most of Ozan
Ozark Township Polk Grannis, Wickes
Ozark Township Sharp  
Packard Springs Township Carroll  
Palarm Township Faulkner contains part of Vilonia
Palestine Township Bradley  
Paraclifta Township Sevier  
Parker Township Nevada Bodcaw
Parks Township Scott  
Pastoria Township Jefferson  
Payne-Swain Township Clay Nimmons
Pencil Bluff Township Montgomery  
Pennington Township Bradley Warren
Perry Township Johnson CDP Hagarville
Perry Township Perry Bigelow, Fourche
Petit Jean Township Perry Adona
Petit Jean Township Conway  
Petit Jean Township Logan  
Pettus Township Lonoke  
Phoenix Township Pope  
Pickens Township Cleburne  
Pigeon Township Baxter  
Pike City Township Pike  
Pine Mountain Township Faulkner contains part of Conway and Mayflower
Pine Ridge Township Monroe  
Pine Township Cleburne  
Piney Fork Township Sharp Evening Shade
Piney Township Carroll  
Piney Township Cleburne  
Pittsburg Township Johnson most of Lamar, small part of Knoxville
Planters Township Chicot Eudora
Pleasant Hill Township Izard  
Pleasant Hill Township Newton  
Pleasant Ridge Township Fulton  
Plum Bayou Township Jefferson Altheimer, Sherrill
Plumlee Township Newton  
Poff Township Cleburne  
Point Deluce Township Arkansas  
Point Township Woodruff  
Poland Township Greene  
Polk Township Newton  
Pollard Township Clay Pollard
Polo Township Carroll  
Ponca Township Newton  
Porter Township Crawford  
Portland Township Ashley contains Portland
Potter Township Polk small part of Mena
Powell Township Craighead  
Prairie Township Arkansas St. Charles
Prairie Township Franklin Charleston, small part of Branch
Prairie (Palestine Township St. Francis  
Prairie Township Johnson small part of Clarksville
Prairie Grove Township Washington Prairie Grove
Prairie Township Hot Spring Friendship, most of Midway
Prairie Township Ashley  
Prairie Township Boone  
Prairie Township Carroll  
Prairie Township Craighead  
Prairie Township Lonoke  
Prairie Township Madison  
Prairie Township Newton  
Prairie Township Searcy  
Prairie Township Sebastian  
Prairie Township Washington  
Prairie Township Yell  
Princeton Township Dallas  
Proctor Township Crittenden part of West Memphis
Promised Land Township Craighead Egypt
Promised Land Township Lawrence Sedgwick
Pulaski Township Lonoke  
Pumpkin Bend Township Woodruff  
Purdy Township Madison  
Randolph Township Desha Mitchellville, most of Dumas
Ranklin Township Perry  
Raymond Township Monroe  
Red Colony Township Sevier contains Lockesburg
Red Fork Township Desha Watson
Red Hill Township Quachita Chidester, most of CDP Reader
Red Lick Township Johnson  
Red River Township Miller Garland
Red River Township White West Point, part of Judsonia
Red River Township Little River  
Red River Township Searcy  
Red River Township Stone  
Red River Township Van Buren  
Red Stripe Township Stone  
Redland Township Cleburne CDP New Edinburg
Redland Township Hempstead McCaskill
Redland Township Nevada  
Reed Township Washington  
Reeds Creek Township Lawrence Strawberry
Relief Township Independence  
Reveilee Township Logan Magazine
Reyno Township Randolph Reyno
Reynolds Township Greene  
Rhea's Mill Township Washington  
Rich Mountain Township Polk  
Richardson Township Randolph Maynard
Richland Township Lee LaGrange, Rondo
Richland Township Monroe part of Brinkley
Richland Township Desha  
Richland Township Jefferson  
Richland Township Little River  
Richland Township Madison  
Richland Township Washington  
Richland Township Yell  
Richwoods Township Lawrence small part of Walnut Ridge
Richwoods Township Sharp part of Ash Flat, small part of Horseshoe Bend
Richwoods Township Jackson contains Amagon
Richwoods Township Lonoke  
Richwoods Township Stone  
Riley Township Yell Havana
Rison Township Cleburne Rison
River Township Grant Prattsville
River Township Logan Morrison Bluff, Scranton
River Township Bradley  
River Township Quachita  
Roane Township Layayette Bradley
Roasting Ear Township Stone  
Roberts Township Jefferson Humphrey
Roc Roe Township Monroe Roe
Roc Roe Township Prairie Ulm
Rock Creek Township Searcy  
Rogers Township Sebastian  
Rose Creek Township Perry  
Roseville Township Logan  
Rosie Township Independence  
Rover Township Yell  
Rowell Township Cleburne  
Royal Township White  
Ruddell Township Independence contains most of Batesville
Rudy Township Crawford Rudy, very small part of Alma
Running Lake Township Randolph  
Russell (Russell) Township White
Russell Township Layayette  
Sage Township Izard part of Melbourne
Salado Township Independence  
Salem Township Saline contains Salem, small part of Bryant
Salem Township Greene  
Saline Township Cleburne Higden
Saline Township Drew contains Wilmar
Saline Township Cleburne  
Saline Township Hempstead  
Saline Township Hot Spring  
Saline Township Howard  
Saline Township Pike  
Saline Township Sevier  
Saratoga Township Howard  
Scott Township Mississippi Bassett
Scott Township Lonoke  
Scott Township Poinsett  
Scott Township Sharp  
Searcy Township Cross  
Self Creek Township Pike Daisy, part of CDP Kirby
Shady Grove Township Greene  
Shady Grove Township Searcy  
Shaw Township Saline  
Sherman Township Johnson  
Shiloh Township Randolph  
Shoal Creek Township Logan CDP New Blaine
Shores Township Franklin  
Short Mountain Township Logan Paris
Siloam Township Randolph  
Silver Lake Township Desha  
Simpson Township Grant  
Sims Township Montgomery  
Six Mile Township Logan Caulksville, Ratcliff
Six Mile Township Franklin  
Smackover Township Quachita Stephens
Smackover Township Union Smackover
Smart Township Stone  
Smith Township Cleburne  
Smith Township Cross  
Smith Township Dallas  
Smith Township Lincoln  
Smith Township Saline  
Smyrna Township Pope  
South Big Rock Township Sharp  
South Cadron Township Cleburne part of Quitman
South Fork Township Fulton  
South Harrison Township Boone  
South St. Francis Township Clay part of Piggott
South Union Township Sharp  
South Yocum Township Carroll  
Southall Township Dallas  
Spadra Township Johnson most of Clarksville, small part of Lamar
Spring Creek Township Lee Aubrey
Spring Creek Township Phillips  
Spring Grove Township Greene part of Paragould
Spring Hill Township Drew  
Spring River Township Lawrence small part of Ravenden
Spring River Township Randolph  
Spring Township Jefferson  
Spring Township Lincoln  
Spring Township Searcy  
Springdale Township Washington most of Springdale
Springhill Township Hempstead  
St. Francis Township Greene small part of Paragould
St. Francis Township Lee  
St. Francis Township Phillips  
St. Joe Township Searcy  
St. Vincent Township Conway  
Stanley Township Arkansas  
Starr Hill Township Washington  
Steel Township Layayette most of Lewisville
Steele Township Conway  
Stonewall Township Johnson  
Strawberry Township Lawrence Smithville
Strawberry Township Fulton  
Strawberry Township Izard  
Strawberry Township Sharp  
Sugar Camp Township Cleburne  
Sugar Creek Township Greene  
Sugar Creek Township Logan  
Sugar Loaf Township Boone  
Sugar Loaf Township Cleburne  
Sugarloaf Township Sebastian part of Mansfield
Sulphur Springs Township Yell  
Sulphur Township Miller  
Summit Township Boone  
Sumpter Township Bradley  
Sylamore Township Stone  
Talladega Township Jefferson  
Tappan Township Phillips  
Tate Township Scott  
Taylor Township Columbia Taylor
Taylor Township Nevada Willisville
Taylor Township Craighead  
Telico Township St. Francis Caldwell, Colt, small part of Forrest City
Tennessee Township Grant Leola
Texas Township Craighead most of Cash
Texas Township Lee  
Thacker Township Lawrence most of Ravenden
Thompson Township Pike Murfreesboro
Timbo Township Stone  
Tollette Township Howard Tollette --- township completely inside Blackland Township
Tomahawk Township Searcy  
Tomlinson Township Logan  
Tomlinson Township Scott  
Tontitown Township Washington Tontitown
Totten Township Lonoke  
Township 1 Township Benton  
Township 10 Township Benton  
Township 11 Township Benton  
Township 12 Township Benton  
Township 13 Township Benton  
Township 2 Township Benton  
Township 3 Township Benton  
Township 4 Township Benton  
Township 5 Township Benton  
Township 6 Township Benton  
Township 7 Township Benton  
Township 8 Township Benton  
Township 9 Township Benton  
Township 1 Township Calhoun Thornton
Township 2 Township Calhoun  
Township 3 Township Calhoun Tinsman
Township 4 Township Calhoun Harrell
Township 5 Township Calhoun  
Township 6 Township Calhoun  
Township 7 Township Calhoun  
Township 8 Township Calhoun part of Hampton
Township 9 Township Calhoun most of Hampton
Traskwood Township Saline contains Traskwood
Tubal Township Union  
Turkey Creek Township Stone  
Twist Township Cross  
Tyler Township Perry  
Tyler Township Prairie  
Tyronza Township Cross Parkin
Tyronza Township Poinsett Tyronza
Tyronza Township Crittenden Earle, most of Jennette
Umpire Township Howard  
Union Township Greene Oak Grove Heights
Union Township Nevada Bluff City, Reader
Union Township Quachita Bearden
Union (Beebe) Township White
Union Township Lee Haynes
Union Valley Township Perry small part of Perryville
Union Township Izard Pineville, most of Calico Rock
Union Township Faulkner contains part of Twin Groves
Union Township Jackson contains most of Diaz and Newport
Union Township Ashley  
Union Township Baxter  
Union Township Conway  
Union Township Fulton  
Union Township Perry  
Union Township Prairie  
Union Township Randolph  
Union Township Saline  
Union Township Stone  
Union Township Van Buren  
Uniontown Township Crawford  
Upper Township Sebastian most of Fort Smith
Upper North Township Sharp  
Upper Surrounded Hill Township Prairie  
Upper Township Crawford  
Valley Township Cleburne part of Heber Springs
Valley Township Hot Spring  
Valley Township Madison  
Valley Township Quachita  
Valley Township Pope  
Valley Township Washington  
Van Buren Township Crawford most of Van Buren, part of Kibler
Van Buren Township Newton  
Van Buren Township Union  
Vaugine Township Jefferson Pine Bluff
Veasey Township Drew  
Velvet Ridge Township White  
Venus Township Madison  
Victoria Township Jefferson  
Vidette Township Fulton  
Village Township Jackson contains part of Diaz and Newport
Village Township Columbia  
Villemont Township Jefferson  
Vine Prairie Township Crawford part of Mulberry
Vineyard Township Washington  
Violet Hill Township Izard  
Waldo Township Columbia Waldo
Walker Creek Township Layayette  
Walker Township Faulkner contains most of Twin Groves, part of Damascus and Guy
Walker Township Franklin  
Walker Township White  
Wallace Township Franklin  
Wallace Township Little River  
Wallaceburg Township Hempstead Blevins
Walls Township Lonoke  
Walnut Corner Township Greene  
Walnut Lake Township Desha  
Wappanocca Township Crittenden Jericho, most of Clarkedale
War Eagle Township Madison  
Ward Township Lonoke part of Ward
Ward Township Yell Ola
Ward Township Johnson County, Arkansas Genealogy Hartman
Warm Springs Township Randolph  
Washburn Township Logan  
Washburn Township Sebastian  
Washington Township Bradley Hermitage
Washington Township Quachita Louann
Washington Township Jefferson White Hall
Washington Township Conway  
Washington Township Fulton  
Washington Township Grant  
Washington Township Independence  
Washington Township Sevier  
Washington Township Sharp  
Washington Township Stone  
Washington Township Van Buren  
Washita Township Montgomery  
Watalula Township Franklin  
Water Creek Township Hempstead  
Water Valley Township Randolph  
Watersaw Township Prairie De Valls Bluff
Waveland Township Yell  
Weaver Township Franklin  
Wedington Township Washington  
Welborn Township Conway Morrilton
Wells Bayou Township Lincoln  
Wesson Township Union  
West Fork Township Washington West Fork
West Griggs Township Van Buren  
West Oak Bluff Township Clay part of Rector
West Peter Creek Township Cleburne Tumbling Shoals
West Prairie Township Poinsett Weiner
West Roanoke Township Randolph  
West Sullivan Township Sharp most of Sideny
Wharton Township Madison  
Wheatley Township St. Francis most of Wheatley
Wheeler Township Van Buren  
White Township Polk Cove, Vandervoort
White Eagle Township Conway  
White Oak Township Cleburne CDP Staves
White Oak Township Franklin Ozark, most of Wiederkehr Village
White Oak Township Sebastian  
White River Township Prairie Des Arc
White River Township Independence contains Sulphur Rock
White River Township Izard  
White River Township Madison  
White River Township Washington  
White River Township Woodruff  
White Rock Township Franklin  
White Township Ashley contains Fountain Hill
White Township Newton  
White Township Pike  
Whiteville Township Cleburne Randall
Whiteville Township Jefferson  
Whitevillwe Township Baxter  
Whitley Township Crawford  
Whittington Township Garland  
Whitton Township Mississippi Birdsong
Wilburn Township Cleburne  
Wiley Township Randolph  
Wileys Cove Township Searcy  
Williams Township Lonoke  
Willis Township Poinsett Trumann
Willow Township Dallas  
Wilmington Township Union  
Wilmot Township Ashley contains Wilmot
Wilson Township Faulkner  
Wilson Township Fulton  
Wilson Township Pope  
Wilson Township Stone  
Winfrey Township Crawford  
Winona Township Carroll  
Winslow Township Washington Winslow
Wittich Township Franklin  
Wolf Creek Township Pike Antoine
Wye Township Perry  
Wyman Township Washington  
Wynne Township Cross most of Wynne
York Township Lonoke most of Cabot
Zinc Township Boone  

  1. List adapted from Wikipedia, which also shows 1) Population in 2010, 2) Land area, 3) Years Founded, and 4) Years Incorporated.