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Beginning Research
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This table can help you decide which records to search. It is most helpful for research from 1800 to the present.

Step 1. In column 1 select a research goal. Choose an ancestor you would like to know more about. What new information would you like to learn about that person?

Step 2. In column 2 find the types of records most likely to have the information you need. Read the FamilySearch Wiki articles about those types of records. They explain what the records might tell you, how to search them, and how to find them in the FamilySearch Catalog. Some records are not at the library.

Step 3. In column 3 find additional record types that may be useful. Records of previous research (such as Genealogy, Biography, History, Periodicals, and Societies) are useful for most goals but are not listed unless they are especially helpful.

What you are looking for: Try these records first: Other useful records:
Age Civil Registration, Church Records Census, Emigration and Immigration
Birth date Civil Registration, Church Records Naturalization, Military Records
Country of foreign birth Civil Registration, Church Records Emigration and Immigration, Schools, Military Records
Municipal origins and boundaries Gazetteer, Maps History
Customs Social Life and Customs History, Minorities
Death Civil Registration,Church Records Cemeteries, Newspapers
Ethnicity Civil Registration, Church Records Emigration and Immigration, Societies
Historical background History Gazetteers; Periodicals
Immigration date Emigration and Immigration Census, Biography, Naturalization and Citizenship
Living relatives Directories Newspapers, Biography, Court Records
Maiden name Civil Registration, Church Records Cemeteries, Military Records
Marriage Civil Registration, Church Records Census, Military Records
Occupation Civil Registration, Church Records Census, Directories
Parents and other family members Civil Registration, Church Records Emigration and Immigration, Census, Probate, Genealogy
Physical description Emigration and Immigration Military Records
Place-finding aids Gazetteers Maps, History
Place of residence Civil Registration, Church Records Census, Biography
Previous research (compiled genealogy) Genealogy Periodicals, Biography,Societies, Nobility
Religion Church Records History
Social activities Social Life and Customs Biography, History, Genealogy