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According to Virtual Jewish Library Argentina's Jewish population, as of 2012,  numbered over 181,000. Another source, Simple to Remember: Judiasm Online Argentina ranks seventh in the world for Jewish population at 197,000 to 250,000. 

Avotaynu online has an interesting article about the emigration of Jews from Russia to Argentina during an era of Jewish persecution Immigrants to Argentina Listed as Baron de Hirsch Colonists .

The Online Center of Jewish Genealogy in Argentina is a good starting point for research. For a list of Jewish surnames in Argentina Click Here

There is an association for Jewish Genealogy in Argentina:

Asociación de Genealogía Judía de Argentina
Website: AGJA

Jewish Gen Argentina has an abundance of information.

Reading books about the history of the Jews in Argentina is a great way to find new sources for research but you don't have to buy them! Look for them on Google Play (you will need a Google account). Here is a link to an interesting book about the Jewish "Cowboys" of Argentina.The Invention of the Jewish Gaucho: Villa Clara and the Construction of Argentine Identity

If you are doing your search at a family history center you have access to JSTOR - an online repository of scholarly books and journals - where you will find information about Jewish history from all over the world - including Argentina.

Jewish Cemeteries in Argentina

According to the IAJGS (International Association of Jewish Geneaological Societies) there is a law in Argentina that requires government permission to photograph any cemeteries. The following paragraph is from the IAJGS webstie

45 Jewish cemeteries exist in Argentina. JGS of Argentina has burial records for eighteen of those cemeteries, a total of 157,850 names current through 1997. The records cover about 100 years. Of these eighteen cemeteries, nine (of a total 11) are in the Buenos Aires area and nine (from 34 active ones) are in the country. We are dealing with three other cemeteries' kehillot to obtain information and/or records, (two in big Buenos Aires and the third in Moisesville). This should include around 11,000/12,000 people. The 1998 Jewish population in Argentina is estimated in around 220,000 persons, 85% living in the greater Buenos Aires area. Unfortunately, today, there are many private park cemeteries where many Jews and their non-Jewish wives are buried. Besides, many Jews are buried in the city cemetery for a variety of reasons. Also, some people were cremated. Our principal problem is with the cemeteries in the countryside both from a lack of information and the funding to obtain such. It will be necessary to go there to find anything. [see Buenos Aires] Source: Paul Armony (deceased)

Please check this link to the IAJGS Argentina Cemetery  project for updates on Jewish Argentine cemeteries and a great many links that will aid in your research.

The Center for Jewish History provides research guides for many countries, including Argentina. Argentina Jewish Family History Research Guide - Courtesy of the Ackman & Ziff Family Genealogy Institute (hint click on link for foreign records, then Argentina)

Synagogues in Argentina

There are at least 26 synagogues in Argentina. They can be a great source of genealogical information. Some synagogues have been around for over 100 years. Often synagogues will keep vital records of their members in the same way that churches do. Find the synagogue that is closest to the place where your ancestors lived and then contact that synagogue directly.