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Anderson may refer to:

A Place[edit | edit source]

Australia[edit | edit source]

Canada[edit | edit source]

India[edit | edit source]

Sweden[edit | edit source]

  • Andersön, an island in Sweden

United Kingdom[edit | edit source]

United States of America[edit | edit source]

A County[edit | edit source]

A Township[edit | edit source]

A Populated Place[edit | edit source]

An Island[edit | edit source]

A Fort[edit | edit source]

  • Fort Anderson (Kentucky) ; A Union fort used in the American Civil War and site of the Battle of Paducah, Kentucky
  • Fort Anderson (North Carolina) ; A Confederate fort used in the American Civil War
  • Fort Anderson Located across from New Bern, North Carolina and the site of the Battle of Fort Anderson
  • Fort Anderson (California) ; Fort Anderson California State Military Department
  • Fort Anderson (Tennessee) ; Site of a state militia encampment during the Coal Creek War
  • Fort Anderson, a Hudson's Bay Company post on the Anderson River (Northwest Territories), Canada

People[edit | edit source]