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Archives[edit | edit source]

Custodial Entities in the State of Amazonas (Entidades Custodiadoras no Estado do Amazonas)
Website: Custodial Entities in the State of Amazonas

Public Archive of the State of Amazonas (Arquivo Público do Estado do Amazonas)
Rua Bernardo Ramos, 265
Manaus AM 69005-310
Telephone: 55 92 3232-3878
Email #2:
Website: Arquivo Público do Estado do Amazonas
Website #2: Public Archive of the State of Amazonas
Website #3: Arquivo Público do Estado do Amazonas

Public Archive of Manaus (Arquivo Público Municipal de Manaus)
Av. Desembargador João Machado, quadra 5, casa 20 - Conjunto Jardim Belvedere - Planalto
Manaus AM 69044-000
Telephone: 55 92 3631-9279
Website: Public Archive of Manaus
Website #2: Municipal Public Archive

Libraries[edit | edit source]

State Library System of Amazonas (Sistema Estadual de Bibliotecas do Amazonas)
Rua Barroso, nº 57 Centro
Manaus AM 69010-050
Telephone: 55 92 3234-0588/99128-5166
Email #2:
Website: State Library System of Amazonas

Amazonas Geographic and Historical Institute (Instituto Geográfico e Histórico do Amazonas)
R. Frei José dos Inocentes, 132 - Centro
Manaus AM 69005-330
Telephone: 55 92 3085-3637/3622-1742
Website: Geographic and Historical Institute of Amazonas
Website #2: Instituto Geográfico Histórico Amazonas
Website #3: Amazon Geographic Institute and History

Amazonas Public Library (Biblioteca Pública do Estado do Amazonas)
R. Barroso, 57 - Centro
Manaus AM 69010-050
Avenida 7 de Setembro, s/n, Cachoeirinha
Manaus AM 69065-170
Telephone: 55 92 3234-0588
Website: Amazonas State Public Library
Website #2: Biblioteca Pública do Amazonas
Website #3: Amazon Public Library
Website #4: Amazon Public Library

For a long list of public libraries in the State of Amazonas, go to Public Libraries in the State of Amazonas.

Museums[edit | edit source]

Northern Man Museum (Museu do Homem do Norte)
Av. Silves, 2.222 (Praça Francisco Pereira da Silva) – Distrito Industrial
Manaus AM 69073-270
Telephone: 55 92 2125-5301/5323
Email #2:
Website: Northern Man Museum
Website #2: Northern Man Museum
Website #3: Northern Man Museum
Website #4: Museu do Homem do Norte (Northern Man Museum)
Website #5: Northern Man Museum
Website #6: Northern Man Museum

With 2,000 items, the Museu do Homem do Norte was designed by sociologist-anthropologist Gilberto Freyre and created with the aim of gathering a significant collection that represented and reflected the characteristics and peculiarities of life in the northern region of Brazil. The collection was acquired over time through donations, purchases, assignments and incorporations. The Museum intends to give an insight into the regional cultural breadth, showing the daily working techniques of the Amazonian populations, the means of transportation, housing, food, parties, crafts, religiosity, myths and rites. , as well as an important archaeological collection.

Provincial Palace (Palacete Provincial)
Praça Heliodoro Balbi, S/N - Centro
Manaus AM 69005-260
Telephone: 55 92 3631-3632/3622-8387
Email #2:
Website: Provincial Palace
Website #2: Palacete Provincial
Website #3: Provincial Palace

The Provincial Palace houses five Museums of different languages: Museum of Archeology, Museum of Image and Sound (MISAM), Museum of Numismatics of Amazonas, Tiradentes Museum and the Pinacoteca do Estado. The Pinacoteca has paintings, photos and prints by local artists. The Numismatics Museum has a collection of 8 thousand coins. Image and Sound has DVDs and CDs for free on-site viewing. The Tiradentes Museum honors firefighters and state police with guns and uniforms on display. Archeology reproduces excavations and artifacts discovered in the region.

Vila Paraíso Seringal Museum (Museu do Seringal Vila Paraíso)
On the banks of the São João Stream, tributary of Tarumã Mirim, Manaus Rural Area
Igarapé São João
Telephone: 55 92 3631-6047
Website: Vila Paraíso Seringal Museum
Website #2: Vila Paraíso Seringal Museum
Website #3: Museu do Seringal Vila Paraíso

A pleasant journey into the history of the rubber cycle, the main economic activity of the Amazon in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, is what you can have with a visit to the Vila Paraíso Seringal Museum in Manaus. The museum reproduces a rubber plantation from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the era of the rubber cycle. and period of great economic rise of the Amazon. In the visits, which are guided, it is possible to know from the process of production of rubbers hair to the latent difference between the rubber tapper's way of life, which lived in conditions analogous to slavery, and the rubber tapper, the owner of the rubber tapper. It boasted a life of luxury and comfort, even within the forest.

For a list of museums in Brazil go to List of museums in Brazil in Wikipedia.