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The original content for this article was contributed by The National Institute for Genealogical Studies in June 2012. It is an excerpt from their course Research: Alberta Ancestors  by Arlene Borgstede. The Institute offers over 200 comprehensive genealogy courses for a fee ($).

FamilySearch Centers (Continued)[edit | edit source]

Lethbridge FamilySearch Center[edit | edit source]

Lethbridge FamilySearch Center
1912 10th Ave South Lethbridge,
Alberta T1K 0B7
Telephone: (403) 328-0206

Resources Available[edit | edit source]

The Lethbridge FamilySearch Center has an extensive collection of resources which are available free to the public. These resources, which are added to on a continual basis, can be found on microfilm, microfiche, computer, and books. They include the following:

  • Social Security Death Index
  • FamilySearch Catalogue™
  • Books and Gazetteers
  • Maps and Atlas
  • Accelerated Indexing Systems
  • Daughters of the Utah Pioneers

Major Collections[edit | edit source]

1. Victoria, Australia microfiche Index[edit | edit source]
  • birth, marriages, deaths (1853-1895)
  • early church records (1828-1844)
  • index to early church birth, marriage and deaths (1853-1895) Victoria, Australia
2. England and Wales[edit | edit source]
1. births, marriages, deaths microfiche Indexes Ÿ
  • births 1837-1926 (more to come) Ÿ
  • marriages 1837-1928 (more to come) Ÿ
  • deaths 1837-1933 (more to come)
2. Boyd’s Marriage Index 1538-1837 (7 microfilms)
3. English probate indexes
4. 1891 census with Channel Islands, Isle of Man
5. 1881 census with Scotland, Channel Islands, Isle of Man
6. 1851 census index for Warwickshire, Devon, Norfolk
7. 1841-1881 census street index
8. Calendar of Wills 1858-1876
9. marriage license index (Vicar Gen.) 1660-1921
10. marriage license index (Faculty Office) 1632-1955
11. Society of Friends, Channel Islands
3. Scotland[edit | edit source]
  • civil registry microfiche Index Ÿ
  • births, marriages, deaths (1855-1955, 1955-56)
  • Parochial Registry for Scotland
  • Scotland Church Records
4. Ireland[edit | edit source]
  • births, marriages, deaths index (1855-1959) (microfilm)
  • Irish Marriage License index 1623-1866 (microfilm)
  • Householders index (microfilm)
  • Irish passenger lists 1847-1871 (book)
  • Irish landowners 1876 (book)
5. Canada[edit | edit source]
  • index to passenger lists of ships into Halifax and Québec 1865-1900
  • index Upper Canada Marriage Bonds (film) 1803-1845 (pa-z)
  • Soundex Border Crossings— microfilms of border crossing records from Canada into the U.S. 1895-1954
  • Federal Census for all Provinces in Canada (1851-1901)
6. Ontario[edit | edit source]

1. microfilm of certificates and indexesmarriages Ÿ 2. marriages 1873-1913 (part of)

  • Ÿmarriage bonds 1803 - 1845, 1865 (microfilm)
  • Ÿmarriage index 1873-1912
  • Ÿsome early marriage records 1801-1848 (microfilm)
  • ŸCounty Marriage Registry 1858-1869 - book

3. births Ÿ

  • births 1869-1899
  • Ÿbirth indexes 1869-1922 Ÿ
  • delayed registration of births 1860-1899

4. deaths Ÿ

  • deaths (registers & index) 1869-1924
  • several 1800s county maps with histories of people

5. land records index on microfilm
6. 1871 census index—books
7. some cemetery transcriptions on microfilm Ÿ

  • Trinity Lutheran Cemetery, Huron Co.
  • ŸSt. Ambrose Roman Catholic Cemetery, Huron Co.
  • ŸAbandoned Presbyterian Cemetery, Wroxeter, Ontario
  • ŸAnglican Cemetery Howick Twp.
  • ŸHayden Methodist Cemetery, Howick Twp.
  • ŸBaptist Abandoned Pioneer Cemetery, Howick Twp.
  • Abandoned Old Hunter Cemetery, Howick Twp. Ÿ
  • Church of the Annunciation Cemetery, Frontenac, Ontario

8. Lanark Co. probate Records 1871-1902 (film)
9. Ontario Surrogate Court 1837-1902 and 1848-1968

7. Nova Scotia[edit | edit source]
  • county histories
  • Nova Scotia Immigrants to 1867-book
8. New Brunswick[edit | edit source]

Vital Statistics form New Brunswick Newspapers 1784-1878, —books

9. Québec[edit | edit source]
  • Recueil de Généalogies—Gazetteer
  • Beauce-Dorchester-Frontenac 1625-1946 (11 Volumes)
  • Généalogies-Montmagny, L’Islet, Bellechasse (16 Volumes)
  • Tanguay’s Dictionnaire Généalogique (109 Fiche)
  • Loiselle Index to Québec Marriages (11 films)
  • 1881 Census for Lotbinière Co., Montréal City, Argenteuil Co., Pontiac Co.
  • 1891 census Argenteuil District, Yamaska District
10. U.S.A.[edit | edit source]
  • Accelerated Index System (searches 1-7A) Microfiche
  • surname index of tax lists and census records for the U.S.
  • Social Security Death Index—On FamilySearch passenger and immigration lists Index (15 Volumes)
  • numerous films, reference books and books for various states
11. Europe[edit | edit source]
  • Hamburg Germany Passenger list Index 1855-1934
  • gazetteer for Prussia (13 Volumes)
  • large divisional maps of Poland
  • 30 general reference books for Germany
  • Parish Record Grassard Co., Sweden
  • farm names of Norway
  • parish register Jerichow, Sachsen, Germany
12. Records Of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints[edit | edit source]
  • Alberta Ward Records
  • Crossing the Ocean Index 1840-1925
  • 1966 Series 4 Generation Sheets
  • Census 1914-1920, 1925, 1930, 1935
  • Latter-day Saint Immigration from England 1875-1913
  • Church Memberships 1830-1848 (95 Fiche)
  • archive records—Family Group Sheets on Microfiche
  • history of the Church on Microfiche
  • some Utah Ward Records
  • some English Branch Records
  • Mormon Pioneers Crossing the Plains
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The usage of "Mormon" and "LDS" on this page is approved according to current policy.

Books and Gazetteers[edit | edit source]

  • an extensive collection of resource books and local history books
  • Parish Registry books of England (also found on some films in the library)
  • a large number of general reference books:
  • England: British Isles general reference, counties of England, Ireland, Scotland
  • Canada: general reference, Alberta, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Québec, as well as many other books for other provinces
  • general genealogy reference books
  • general reference books for all countries of the world including one on Jewish research
  • Latter-day Saint reference books
  • general reference books for U.S.A. and Native Races
  • reference books on Germany
  • gazetteers
  • Genealogical Research Directories 1885-1996
  • Southern Alberta history books

Maps and Atlases[edit | edit source]

  • an excellent collection of maps for most countries of the world, including Ireland, England, Europe, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Denmark Sweden, Netherlands, Iceland and Norway
  • 14 maps of Germany
  • ŸEnglish Shire maps Ÿ
  • Scotland Shire maps Ÿ
  • Registration and Census district maps of England
  • Ÿ17 Ordnance Survey Maps—U.K. Ÿ
  • 62 maps of England, Wales and Scotland Ÿ
  • Atlas of States in U.S. Ÿ
  • Historical Atlas for Canada, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and numerous counties of Ontario

Microfilms Ÿ[edit | edit source]

  • a large collection of films for Scotland particularly Aberdeen County. There are a total of 1,117 films for all of Scotland (including Aberdeen) which include marriage, birth, death, census and baptism records. Parish Registers and histories are also on film.
  • films on each county of England may contain census records, Parish Registers marriages, birth, death, records, wills, etc.Ÿ
  • films for almost every country of the world including: Ireland, Wales, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia,
  • South Africa, Sweden, every state in the U.S.A., Switzerland, Ukraine, Mexico, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, every province in Canada, Asia and of course England and Scotland.

These films could include marriage, birth, death, census records and much more

Microfiche[edit | edit source]

Besides part of the major collection of resources on microfiche, there is also:

  • the most used 200 reference books
  • ŸIGI for England, Wales, Europe, Mexico, South America, South West Pacific, Asia, Africa, South Africa, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, U.S.A. and Canada Ÿ
  • Accelerated Indexing System (searches 1-7A) Ÿ 
  • Ontario Land Records Ÿ
  • England and Wales index—marriages and deaths for 1804 and births 1807
  • Victoria Australia Index—births, deaths and marriages 1853-1895 early church records
  • 1891 census for England, Wales, Channel Islands, Island of Man Ÿ
  • Parish Listing and Vital Records
  • ŸFamily Registry (See under Family Registry)

Family Registry[edit | edit source]

A microfiche file consisting of:

  • a registry of names that people are working on
  • their addresses or means of contacting them
  • registry of family organizations or people wanting to start a family organization

Daughters of the Utah Pioneers[edit | edit source]

The Lethbridge FamilySearch Center has a large collection of books, biographies and histories regarding the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers. There are many descendants of the Utah Pioneers living in Southern Alberta. Some of the information regarding the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers has been written by these descendants and is contained in the following books and biographies.

  • Chronicles of Courage Volumes 1, 2, 3, 5
  • An Enduring Legac- Volumes 1-12
  • Our Pioneer Heritage—Volumes 18, 19
  • numerous biographies and Town Histories

The FamilySearch Center has 10 film readers and six microfiche readers.


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