Alaska, World War II Draft Registration Cards Digital Folder Number List

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FamilySearch Record Search This article contains a Digital Folder Number List for a FamilySearch Historical Records Collection.
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Alaska, World War II Draft Registration Cards - FamilySearch Historical Records

This table describes the content of each folder in the collection Alaska, World War II Draft Registration Cards, 1940-1945. The default sort is by surname. You can resort this list by DGS number by clicking the column heading DGS Number. Click on the link in the DGS Number column to open a window to see the images for that folder.

DGS Number Surname
102611574 Aaberg, Elleph - Ashby, Enoch
102611565 Ashby, George - Bilderback, Donald
102611569 Bilderback, Ed - Cameron, Norman
102611562 Cameron, Ralph - Corey, John
102611561 Corey, William - Duncan, Billy
102611575 Duncan, Bobby - Foster, Johnnie
102611566 Foster, Kenneth - Grover, Hanford
102611580 Grover, John - Higgins, Joe
102611577 Higgins, Lawrence - James, Nick
102611570 James, Oliver - Katelnikoff, Nick
102611573 Katelnikoff, Philllip - Lane, Amos
102611563 Lane, Benjamin - Malcolm, Jacob
102611571 Malcolm, Johnny - Miller, Gerald
102611567 Miller, Gilbert - Nichols, Roy
102611578 Nichols, Stanley - Palmer, Ernest
102611582 Palmer, Erven - Purdy, Charles
102611581 Purdy, Clarence - Sanderson, Raymond
102611564 Sanderson, Robert - Smith, Daniel
102611572 Smith, David - Swift, James
102611579 Swift, Kenneth - Venes, Elias
102611568 Venes, Joseph - Williams, Melvin
102611576 Williams, Moses - Zuver, James