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FamilySearch Record Search This article contains record coverage information about a FamilySearch Historical Records Collection.
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Alaska, Vital Records - FamilySearch Historical Records

This table shows the places and time periods of the records. The table indicates vital records with their locality, record types, and inclusive years. Alaska is divided into boroughs, unorganized boroughs, and census designated places. You can sort the table by locality, record types and years by clicking on the arrows in the header.

Locality Record Types Years
Aleutian Islands Death certificates 1913-1944
Aleutian Islands Marriage certificates 1913-1953
Aleutian Islands Marriage license docket 1925-1953
Bethel Precinct Death certificates 1936-1960
Bethel Precinct Marriage certificates 1942-1960
Bethel Precinct Marriage license docket 1917-1951
Chandalar precinct Marriage license docket 1921-1949
Chichagof Precinct Marriage certificates 1918-1931
Chichagof Precinct Marriage license docket 1918-1936
Circle Precinct Death certificates 1913-1915
Circle Precinct Marriage license docket 1918-1952
Circle Precinct Marriage licenses 1921-1940
Douglas Marriage license docket 1917-1930
Douglas Marriage licenses and ceritficates 1901-1921
Eagle Death certificates 1900-1913
Eagle Marriage certficates 1900-1913
Eagle Marriage license docket 1917-1950
Fairbanks Death certificates 1928-1935
Fairbanks Death index 1913-1915
Fairbanks Death register 1907
Fairbanks Marriage certificates 1931-1937
Fairbanks Marriage index 1907-1915
Fairbanks Marriage license docket 1917-1959
Fairbanks Marriage licenses 1932-1942
Fairbanks Marriage register 1906-1910
Forty Mile Precinct Marriage certificates 1903-1910
Forty Mile Precinct Marriage license docket 1920-1926
Fort Yukon Marriage certificates 1924-1959
Fort Yukon Marriage licenses 1947-1955
Gold Precinct Death certificates 1916-1942
Gold Precinct Marriage certificates 1917-1941
Gold Precinct Marriage license docket 1917-1941
Goodnews Bay Death certificates 1939-1948
Goodnews Bay Marriage certificates 1939-1948
Goodnews Bay Marriage license docket 1939-1948
Homer Marriage licenses and ceritficates 1950-1959
Homer Marriage certificates 1950-1955
Homer Marriage license docket 1950-1960
Homer Marriage license index 1950-1959
Hoonah Death certificates 1918-1921
Hoonah Marriage license docket 1918-1954
Hyder Death certificates 1921-1957
Hyder Marriage certificates 1920-1957
Hyder Marriage license docket 1920-1956
Juneau Death certificates 1915-1960
Juneau Marriage certificates 1915-1960
Juneau Marriage license docket 1917-1959
Juneau Marriage licenses 1956-1957
Juneau and Douglas Marriage certificates 1898-1905
Karluk Death certificates 1925-1949
Karluk Marriage certificates 1926-1929,1940
Kenai Death certificates 1940-1950
Kenai Marriage certificates 1944-1956
Kenai Marriage license docket 1917-1960
Ketchikan Death certificates 1912-1959
Ketchikan Marriage certificates 1901-1959
Ketchikan Marriage index 1901-1912
Ketchikan Marriage license docket 1917-1957
Killisnoo Marriage license docket 1918-1921
Kodiak Marriage certificates 1919-1959
KodiaK Marriage license docket 1941-1950
Kodiak Precinct Death certificates 1919-1959
Koyukuk Precinct Commissioner's records 1949
Koyukuk Precinct Death certificates 1915-1916
Koyukuk Precinct Marriage certificates 1904-1916
Koyukuk Precinct Marriage license docket 1917-1949
Manley Hot Springs Marriage certificates 1914
Manley Hot Springs Marriage license docket 1917-1955
Noatak-Kobuk Precinct Death certificates 1913-1958
Noatak-Kobuk Precinct Marriage application, affidavits, licenses and certificates 1928-1953
Noatak-Kobuk Precinct Marriage certificates 1913-1960
Noatak-Kobuk Precinct Marriage license docket 1919-1962
Noatak-Kobuk Precinct Marriage license docket index 1919-1943
Noatak-Kobuk Precinct Marriage licenses 1945-1952
Nome Death index 1813-1915
Nome Divorce records 1946-1956
Nome Marriage certificates, licenses and dockets 1951-1957
Nome Marriage index 1813-1915
Nome probate, missing persons and correspondence 1946-1956
Nulato Precinct Death certificates 1942-1955
Nulato Precinct Marriage certificates 1948-1957
Nulato Precinct Marriage license docket 1917-1950
Palmer Marriage license docket 1951-1963
Petersburg Marriage license docket 1917-1959
Petersburg Marriage licenses 1905-1959
Point Hope Marriage license docket 1919
Salchaket Death certificates 1915
Seldovia Death certificates 1938-1951
Seldovia Marriage license docket 1921-1960
Seldovia Marriage licenses 1941-1949
Seward Marriage license docket 1950-1959
Sitka Birth records 1816-1867
Sitka Death records 1817-1866
Sitka Marriage certificates 1890-1913
Sitka Marriage licenses 1901=1933
Sitka Marriage records 1816-1866
Tanana Precinct Marriage license docket 1919-1922
Tenakee Death certificates 1915-1937
Tok Marriage license docket 1952-1961
Tolovana Marriage records 1938-1940
Unga Precinct Death certificates 1927-1941
Unga Precinct Marriage license docket 1937-1951
Wade Hampton Precinct Death certificates 1914-1952
Wade Hampton Precinct Marriage certificates 1915-1953
Wade Hampton Precinct Marriage license docket and certificates 1952-1962
Wade Hampton Precinct Marriage license docket 1918-1952
Yakutat Death certificates 1937-1954
Yakutat Marriage license docket 1917-1949