Ågård Estate, Holbæk, Denmark

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Ågård gods

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Ågård estate, Gørlev parish, Løve district, Holbæk county, Denmark
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Trap's Gazetteer
Trap, Jens Peter. Kongeriget Danmark, 3 ed. Vol. 2, ''Frederiksborg, Københavns, Sorø, Holbæk og Præstø Amter.. Copenhagen, G.E.C Gads Boghandel, 1898. Pages 467-469.
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History[edit | edit source]

The estate was established in 1660 by Henrik Müller and has been in the possession of several different owners including the Benzon and Moltke families until being purchased by Jørgen Hellemann in 1865. The estate has been connected with several other properties during its history including Bøstrup, Gundetved and Helsingegård estates.

FamilySearch Holdings[edit | edit source]

These records were microfilmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah in the 1960s and were published digitally in 2012. Both microfilm and digital collections contain the same material. Descriptive detail may vary making it appear the collections are different.

Information on how to use the records in this collection can be found in the article Denmark Estate Records - FamilySearch Historical Records

Images from the microfilm can be accessed through the FamilySearch Catalog record. The Historical Records collection can be accessed at: Denmark Estate Records, 1436-1964 Adelersborg gods

Guardianship[edit | edit source]

  • Overformynderiprotokoller [Guardianship], 1848-1850. Trustee records of Ågård and Helsingegård estates. - FSC and HR

Land[edit | edit source]

  • Fæstebreve [Copyhold], 1770-1772. Copyhold letters and rent for Ågård Estate in Holbæk county, Denmark. - FSC and HR
  • Kvitteringshæfter for betalt landgilde [Receipts for paid taxes] 1757-1776. - FSC and HR

Taxation[edit | edit source]

  • Regnskaber [Accounts], 1828-1842. Estate accounts for Ågard, Gundetvæd and Bøstrup estates, Holbæk, Denmark. - FSC and HR

Probate[edit | edit source]

  • Skifteprotokoller, 1841-1860. Probate records of Aagaard and Helsingegaard estates. The parishes, place names, and dates refer to specific localities on the film listed above. The index is found at the end of the volume. 1841-1850 only for Aagaard. - FSC and HR
  • skiftedokumenter [documents], skiftedesignationer [assignments], skifteindberetninger [accounts], 1847-18150.
Available Probate Records[edit | edit source]
County District City Place
Holbæk Ars Svallerup Philipsdal, Hgd.
Philipsdals Mark
Løve Bakkendrup Bakkendrup, Lb.
Gørlev Ågård, Grd.
Ågerup, Grd.
Gørlev, Lb.
Ornum, Hse.
Rye, Grd.
Kirke Helsinge Kirke Helsinge, Lb.
Vinde-Helsinge, Lb.
Skellebjerg Hedeboryde, Grd.
Vaseskov, Grd.
Tune Reerslev Risbjærg, Lb.
Abbreviation Term Definition
Grd gård farm
Hgd hovedgård manor
Hse huse house
Lb landsby rural village