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Each person, no matter how ordinary, has extraordinary memories to share.

Many of the most precious, heart-changing family photos and stories are tucked away in our homes and our minds. At FamilySearch, we preserve memories so they can be shared for generations to come.

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All of your cherished family memories are in one place.

The Memories Gallery is a place where all of the photos, stories, documents, and audio recordings that you add to FamilySearch are collected.

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New List View Feature

See your memories like you've never seen them before.

In addition to the standard Grid View of the Gallery, we are now introducing a List View so you can better see titles, event dates, and event places.

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Let your memories be seen.

Tag an ancestor in a photo, document, story, or audio recording to add that memory to the person's page in Family Tree.

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Save your favorite memories wherever you find them.

You can add any memory on FamilySearch to your Favorites, a collection in the Gallery. It's a way to bookmark memories so you can easily find them again.

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Change photos to documents and documents to photos instantly.

The Gallery lets you select multiple memories and perform actions on all of them at once. If you want to change a group of uploaded photos to be categorized as documents, just select them, and choose Change to Document.

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When a memory comes along, capture it.

The FamilySearch Memories app helps you capture priceless family moments to preserve and share with family now and into the future. It works anywhere—even when you don't have internet access.

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Interview family members, take photos, and record important details of their lives and unique experiences. Save meaningful memories before it's too late. Your entire family will be grateful you did.


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